3 tips for preparing your king size bed for moving

When moving you want it to do room by room. In each and every room of your home, you can find important furniture and belongings. However, we want to emphasize a very important item according to our information. Your bed. Here are some tips for preparing your king-size bed for moving be it with full service moving companies Denver or if you do it alone. Here’s what to do and make the job easier.

Do you really want to move your king-sized bed?

Before you even consider how to handle your king-sized bed for moving, make sure it’s worth it. How old is your bed? Is it really in its prime condition? Generally, if the bed is 5+ years old it starts to deteriorate. Especially if it wasn’t taken care of. So before you get in touch with our furniture movers Denver, be sure to ask yourself a couple of questions. Here are just some examples:

  • How long is the distance of the move?
  • Is the price of the king-sized move worth it?
  • Can you buy a new one for that price?
A bed inside a room
Do you really want to take your king-size bed with you?

Disassemble and pack your king-sized bed before moving

Now that you know you’ll move with your bed, it’s time to get to work. You need to first gather all the tools that are needed in order to disassemble your king-sized bed. That sounds easy, but actually finding all the parts that can be taken apart is challenging. Always keep your screws and bolts in a separate bag for easier assembly. Or in case it’s too hard, our Denver residential movers will be always there to give you a helping hand. 

Among the tips for preparing your king-size bed for moving is to take measurements of it

However, before you get to moving and packing, it’s time to see where and how will your bed fit. Obviously, in your old home, you need just to make sure the path is clear and it will fit. but what about your new place? Take measurements of your king-sized bed and make sure that you can actually fit it inside your new bedroom. Our packing services CO will help you pack it and other times, but they can’t make your rooms bigger. Be careful, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Measure tape
Among the most important tips for preparing your king-size bed for moving is to measure your bed

However big or small your king-size bed is, you need to take good care of it. That’s because there’s nothing like sleeping in your own warm bed. However, if it’s already without its magic touch, maybe it’s time for a new one. On the other hand, taking care of your bed can prolong its lifespan. It’s maybe not the most expensive bed in the world however, do you want it to be in your home? Then make sure to follow our tips for preparing your king-size bed for moving.

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