3 Tips to Plan Your Cross Country Move

3 Tips to Plan your move across the country

Are you or your family looking to move either to or from Colorado? As you could imagine, there’s a lot that goes into planning moving across state lines. We’ve compiled some things to keep in mind while you plan your big move.
  1. Packing: Boxing up your belonging can seem like the most daunting task when beginning to plan your family’s large move. For starters, you should take an inventory of your home room by room to see if moving is a good opportunity to purge or downsize some items. If don’t like the idea of having an estate sale, especially if you’re only listing a handful of items, then consider posting them on a local classified page like NextDoor or Craigslist. This will cut down on some packing and expense to your move. You should start stockpiling boxes early and even consider packing your house in stages starting with the rooms/items you use the least and that are non essential to your daily life. This phase of the move may be worth hiring some help for packing to expedite things and ensure your belongings are safe and ready for moving. Make sure you clearly label boxes by room and item clearly with a permanent marker on all 4 sides of the box for the other side of your move! Get creative with packing materials, however some materials may be worth purchasing for things like dishes, collectibles, fine china etc.
  2. Storage: Hopefully you’re able to move directly from one home to another, however if you’re not planning on that, some temporary storage will be vital. If you want to cut down on the number of times you have to load/unload your items options like PODs and shipping containers are a nice alternative.  Although they’re not nearly as affordable as a storage unit which typically offer free storage for the first month. Consider hiring some loading help if you plan to store your belongings to cut down on the number of times you’ll personally have to move things.
  3. Moving Day: We recommend writing out a detailed schedule and list for your big moving day. This should include any last minute items that need to be packed, an inventory or larger items (for best packing), and anything that needs to be cleaned or finalized before you leave your residence. You really can’t over prepare this day so try to buffer in an extra day before to plan, pack, and prep so you’re not too stressed. Moving is a big deal so the more prepared you can be for your move the better it will go! So be sure to give it the time and attention it deserves. If you are moving using friends and family be sure to account for some extra time vs. using a professional moving company. Having moving volunteers is great, but it’s undoubtedly going to take extra time and effort.
If you have any questions on how to plan a large cross-state move please reach out to us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Co 303-587-6200! We are happy to help plan your entire move and we even provide free moving quotes for local and across country moves.

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