5 Common Moving Day Mistakes

At Homegrown Moving and Storage Company, we’ve handled a lot of moves and helped a lot of folks. We’ve also seen some common mistakes people make when moving day comes. So, we’ve compiled this list to help you be more prepared and learn from others mistakes! We hope this helps you plan your day and have a safe and successful move. 

1. Not reserving your moving truck or trailer:

Once you have your move-in date planned, be sure to call and either reserve your moving truck rental or coordinate with your moving company a couple weeks in advance. If you show up day-of for your move you will likely have a hard time finding the truck you are wanting. Especially if it is over a popular moving weekend.

2. Failing to have everything boxed and packed:

You should plan to have all of your items packed and staged the day before moving, leave nothing for the day-of. Of course you may need a few bare necessities, but otherwise plan to take the time and have everything ready. It’s a common mishap to save some packing for moving day, this can cause added stress, loss of time, and even money if you aren’t able to get the appropriate truck and moving materials due to things not being ready.

3. Forgetting to hire or have volunteers to help move:

If you are planning to move entirely on your own you may want to reconsider. Moving is very time consuming and tiring. Hiring some help even for a few hours can make a huge impact and also help you save energy for unpacking.

4. Communicating with new place of residence:

If you are moving into a new apartment building or condo, be sure to communicate your moving details well in advance. You don’t want to show up with all your belongings only to realize they aren’t ready for you! Be sure to have everything planned out to make for a smooth transition.

5. Underestimating how long it will take:

It’s common to misjudge how long packing, moving and unpacking can take. Be sure to give yourself extra time on the before and after side of the move. Consider taking an extra day off work to help ensure you have enough time to get everything done. Moving all your belongings is a very involved and lengthy process and to do things safely takes even more time, so be sure to account for this in your plans!

If you ever have questions about your moving plans or are considering hiring help, call us at Homegrown Moving and Storage Company in Colorado. We handle all moves in all sizes. Get a free moving quote today!

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