5 qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood

Why do people move? It is not an easy task at all to make such a decision. People usually move because they want a better quality of life. And it is a normal thing. For some people, more money represents a better life, for some cleaner air, a better look from their house. We are not all the same, and we don’t value things the same way. Whatever the reason is, the best way to move from one location to another is by hiring movers! This is a fact and there are a lot of reasons to hire them. But not all movers are the same. And you need to hire only affordable movers Denver because they are professionals in what they are doing. And here are 5 qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood.

1. Reputation of the mover

Reputation is not something that you gain easily. You need time and hard work for that. And movers also need to make sure that other people know about their reputation. The easiest way to find if a mover is reputable is by reading reviews online. You can always find information about a specific mover. They usually have blogs on their websites. And some websites and blogs are completely independent of movers, and they can’t influence in any way what people are saying and writing. Experience is crucial to find out if someone is good. Listen to others! Inform yourself before you make a move and hire someone. Lakewood movers are kind of movers that are reputable and have big experience.

a girl looking for movers
Check your movers’ reputation

2. They follow rules and laws

A lot of rogue movers don’t follow laws and rules. This is one of the qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood because you won’t get in trouble, and you will preserve your money and your belongings. Rogue movers usually request money upfront. And by law, you are not obligated to pay everything upfront. A little deposit is ok, but the whole amount never. If you pay everything upfront and lose money, that is on you. And there is nothing you can do if there is no contract signed before paying. Before they tell you how much is something going to cost, they must send a person to see all your stuff and evaluate the cost of moving. Every move is different, it must be evaluated by an employee of theirs. If you need interstate moving, long distance movers Colorado are the right movers for the job.

3. License and Insurance

The main question to ask yourself is what will happen if they lose or damage your things? Are they going to pay for everything? If they are insured, the insurance company will pay for the damage. Because they are insured, they are legally bound to protect your property. If they did something bad, the insurance company will chase them to court so they can get their money back. Insurance companies are strict when it comes to following regulations and safety.

Insurance and license are qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood
Check if movers have insurance

To get a license or a famous DOT number, they must meet the rules. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives permission. Research intrastate licensing laws and regulations in your state, and verify that your moving company abides by them. Laws and regulations can be different from state to state. Moving services Denver that movers provide can also help you distinguish rogue from reliable. Good reputable movers offer different services, not just moving.

4. Professionalism and customer service

Good companies know how important is to be nice to clients and customers! When you call them, they must be very pleasant and find time to listen and answer all your questions. They want you to choose them as your mover. Find out how they handle their customers, the problem-saving skills, how they deliver their services, the problem-saving skills, and more. If a person on the other side of the phone, or a person who is in front of you if you decided to visit them directly isn’t nice and doesn’t answer all your questions, think about looking for someone else. If you need to move stuff from your apartment, ask movers about this. Apartment movers Denver know how to manage apartment relocation.

Woman on a telephone
Movers should be nice while talking to you

5. Efficient and effective as qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood

These are similar but still different. To be effective, you need to do the right things. To be efficient, you need to do those things in a good way. Movers need to be both. They need to offer as many services as they can so you can relocate fast and stress-free. To achieve that, they need to make a plan for your move. Every move is different. They must come up with a plan of the route, and predict bad things that can happen if possible. Movers must prevent things from breaking and everything should be done fast so you don’t stress for too long. If they just move you from point A to point B without taking care of these things they are not the type of company you want!

Moving quotes

This is something you request from movers. They must provide a moving quote so you could know how much something is going to cost you. Here are 3 different moving quotes:

  • Non-Binding Estimate – this is a quote based on the weight of the belongings. Because it is “non-binding,” this estimate is not set in stone and will most likely change after the move. It depends on the weight of the move.
  • Binding Estimate – A binding estimate is when a moving company guarantees a fixed cost estimate based on the approximate weight of the customer’s belongings. You will pay the price you see on the paper.
  • Binding – Not – To – Exceed Estimate – If the weight of a customer’s shipment exceeds the original estimate, they won’t be charged anything extra.

Be careful nevertheless

When hiring movers, you need to be careful. Top qualities to look when hiring movers in Lakewood are given in the text. Try to search for every single one of them when hiring. It is important to prevent hiring rogue movers. And always request at least 3 moving quotes.

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