5 Tips for Finding Affordable Places to Live in Denver

5 Free Resources for Finding Cheap Places to Live in Denver

It can be difficult to find an affordable place to rent in Denver, that’s why we’ve come up with 5 resources to help you with your search! Leveraging these tools can help make sure you find the best place to rent at the right price for you.


This app and website is super handy for looking at both places to rent and purchase. You can add multiple filters for things like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, yard size and obviously location. You can even custom draw what area you are searching in, which helps your search be more specific than a general zip code search. You can also communicate with landlords directly through the app for easy and safe use.


Craigslist is still a great free listing for finding local places to rent. Although scams have increased over the years, it is still a very viable option for searching for rentals. The nice thing about this platform is you will find more “diamonds in the rough” if your looking for things like a basement to rent out of a home or a carriage house. There are still plenty of apartment listings on this site too. You can typically find better deals on this platform because you are usually dealing with owner directly instead of a rental company. Be sure to use caution when looking into a listing. Never send anyone your personal information or money prior to viewing the place. Additionally, never go view a rental by yourself, take a friend with you to make sure that your experience is safe!

Facebook Groups:

Facebook community groups have grown rapidly in recent years. You can search and join local community groups and connect with individuals directly. These groups list everything from places to rent to furniture. Try finding some for the areas you’re looking to move to. You have a better chance of finding something more unique and affording with this platform than going to apartment directly.


NextDoor is a very helpful free app that can help you keep a pulse on your neighborhood. This directory houses everything from safety issues, free stuff, for sale items, and places to rent. The caveat here is that you have to register with your address to use the app. This can work great if you are just trying to move to a new place nearby, however if you’re trying to move across Denver you’d be hard pressed since you are connected to you immediate community group. However you can still try searching the platform. People often post rental properties on the group, or you can post your own query about looking for somewhere to rent.


Lastly, nothing beats some good old fashion networking. Asking your friends, family, and connections about places to live can be the easiest way to find something easily and affordably. You may get connected to a place that hasn’t even come on the market yet through knowing someone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and see if anyone knows of any rental opportunities. We all have that one friend who seems to know everybody, so ask them if they know of anyone having a place to rent opening up! This can also be a great way to find roommates if you are trying to cut you rent by sharing a place.

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