7 questions you should ask your movers

Choosing a reliable and experienced moving company is the most important part of the relocation. Whether you are moving locally or searching for a long-distance moving company Denver you want to ensure that your belongings are safely delivered to your new home. Relocation can be a tiring and overwhelming experience. It involves many activities such as packing, labeling, disassembling furniture, etc. Good movers can facilitate this process and turn it into a pleasant experience. However, you must do your homework and find a company that fits all your needs. These are the 7 questions you should ask your movers.

How to find a reliable moving company?

Doing thorough research is key. Find company reviews on specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau (from the highest A+ to the lowest F), previously submitted reviews and complaints, business details, and accreditation details. Also, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Perhaps they know someone who has moved recently. This will save you a lot of time because personal experience is invaluable. It’s important to make an informed decision so don’t be lazy and do your homework properly.

What is the date of the move?

There are many factors that can affect your moving date. Most companies will ask you to choose a spread of dates that suit you and give you a delivery window. The delivery window is a range of possible pick-up and delivery dates. Then they will call you a day before to confirm the exact date and time. Some companies can guarantee the delivery date but this is an additional service that is charged extra. If you are flexible regarding the moving date choose an off-season period when moving services are cheaper.

Are packing services included?

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. You have to organize all your belongings and decide what you want to bring into your new home. That is the reason why this is one of the 7 questions you should ask your movers. Some moving companies such as Homegrown Moving and Storage Company CO provide full service, packing included. On the other hand, if you decide to pack on your own make sure to gather moving supplies well in time. This includes cardboard boxes, tape, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. Protect all your belongings and label the moving boxes.

Some moving companies provide packing service.
One of the questions you should ask your movers is whether they provide packing services.

One of the 7 questions you should ask your movers is: Do you provide moving insurance?

Most moving companies provide valuation coverage for your belongings. Movers are not obliged to reimburse you for the full value of damaged or lost items. They simply ensure compensation for your belongings which isn’t related to the actual value of your goods. Valuation coverage is a predetermined limit stated in the moving contract at no extra cost. It is usually set at 60 cents per pound per article. The other moving insurance option available for home movers is full value protection. This means that the moving company is liable for the full value of your items but this is charged extra.

Are you properly licensed?

When hiring a moving company make sure that it is properly licensed. This is extremely important to avoid moving scams. All professional interstate moving companies should have a license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. local moving companies who only relocate customers within the same state should hold a state license. Fraudulent moving companies offer lower prices to attract customers, but they don’t offer compensation in case of damage and can even hold your items hostage.

What’s the cost of the move?

Most home movers have a predetermined budget so one of the 7 questions you should ask your movers should be about the cost of the move. You can get a free moving estimate on companies’ web sites by using the quote tool. However, it’s always best to request an in-house moving estimate which is also free of charge. Your moving contract should contain the final cost. Also, make sure to ask whether there are any additional charges and check the cost of any special services you might require.

One of the 7 questions you should ask your movers is the relocation cost.
Find a moving company that meets all your needs and fits your predetermined budget

Are there any potential charges I’m not already aware of?

This is one of the reasons you should avoid unlicensed moving companies – there are usually hidden charges. Nevertheless, you should always ask whether there are some costs you are not aware of. There are different factors that can affect the cost – accessibility of your home, very heavy and bulky items, international move, etc. Remember that all add-ons and extra charges must be included and clearly laid out in the quote.

Do you provide special services?

If you require any special services make sure to mention that to your movers. For example, moving a piano requires certain preparation, tools, and expertise. Also, fine art, sculptures, and any special items call for a careful procedure and delicate handling. Fragile items and delicate belongings should be properly protected with packing materials to cushion them. That is why it’s best to leave these tasks to professionals.

Moving a piano requires preparation.
Make sure to tell your movers in advance if you need any special services


Moving is a stressful but exciting period. The move doesn’t start on a moving day, but weeks even months before. You must have a solid plan and prepare carefully for the big day. Choosing the right moving company is crucial. Good movers will handle your possessions with care and offer great advice. And, if you follow our advice on the 7 questions you should ask your movers, your relocation will be a positive experience. Good luck and enjoy your new home.

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