7 reasons to settle down in Lakewood, Colorado

If you are searching for the right Colorado city to move to, search no more and take a look at this list of 7 reasons to settle down in Lakewood, Colorado. It’s just about 15 minutes away from Denver, to the west. Best of all, it’s near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This charming city has a lot to offer to people of all ages. Its proximity to the wilderness on the one side, and to the urban city life of Denver on the other side, is its best feature. It’s like living in the suburb of Denver. And there you have it all, quiet neighborhoods, fun shops and restaurants, local events and movie theatre, and a lot of green parks. So whether you are a young professional or family person or even retiree, we’re sure you would enjoy living in Lakewood.

Main reasons to settle down in Lakewood, Colorado

The list of the reasons why you should think of living in Lakewood is very long. Mainly, it has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their age or occupation, and lifestyle. It’s the fifth most populous city in Colorado with a fast-growing economy. Therefore it’s the perfect city for moving your business to. Also, it’s a good choice for families with kids because of its parks and green spaces, and great schools. Colorado movers will gladly take care of your relocation if you decide to move. So here are some of the best features of Lakewood.

green park and blue sky
There are more than 100 parks in Lakewood.

Green spaces and outdoor activities

If green is your color, and you like spending time out, then Lakewood will be your cup of tea. It has about 100 parks, which is almost 35% of its territory. Whatever you like to do, to run or ride a bike, or you just like picnics and walks, this is the city for you. The Yelp website made the list of the 10 best parks in Lakewood. There you can hike or camp, fish, or swim in the summer. Numerous activities attract more people each year, no matter the season. Above all, it’s a good feeling to know that all of this is just a few miles away. By the way, the climate is dry, continental with all 4 seasons, with hot summers and, cold and snowy winters. So why not take advantage of that as well, and learn to ski for example.

Developed job market and numerous employment opportunities

Because of its healthy economy, Lakewood attracts newcomers. They can find jobs in the industry, health, and education sectors. However, you can also easily find a job in a government administration or some local company. New startups or marketing agencies are being opened each day. It helps a lot to know that the current unemployment rate is below 5%. So if you are a young professional, you won’t have a hard time finding a proper job. Movers Lakewood CO will easily relocate your small business or home. So you don’t have to worry about that. 

Students throwing their hats
Lakewood has excellent public schools.

Great education and health care attract new people to settle in Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood public schools are highly rated. Besides, the fact that Lakewood Highschool is the second-ranked school from Jefferson County School District, says it all. You won’t have to look for private schools for your kids, to get a proper education. Also, The Colorado Christian University is an option after the Highschool. As for health care, St. Anthony Medical Campus was opened in 2011. Whether you need a primary care doctor or specialist, urgent care, you’ll find it here. 

Culture and entertaining in Lakewood

For sure, you’ll never get bored in Lakewood. For nature-lovers, there are the Rocky Mountains and parks, but the city also has a lot to offer. You’ll have fun everywhere, from urban districts with bars and restaurants to art galleries, or rock concerts. This city has it all. Here are some recommendations from residential movers Denver about what you can do in Lakewood


When it comes to art and culture, Lakewood has West arts, a creative district. It’s 4-mile long biking and walking art route. There you can enjoy live music, art events, and exhibits. Among the summer events, West Colfax Artfest stands out. It’s held from 2015. and every summer presents new artists, new music, food, and beer. Also, it’s all free. 

Community events

Community events in Lakewood are quite common things. If you are fond of such fun, you might like to attend Cider Days. It’s an annual fall event, where you can watch tractor pulls or try an apple pressing. Maybe you’re more sit and watch the movie type. If so, then you can visit the Rockin’ Block party and watch the movie in the park. Just bring your blanket, enjoy and relax. 

Restaurants and cuisine

There is a variety of great restaurants and cuisine in Lakewood. If you prefer Italian food, then we recommend Abrusci’s Fire & Vine, one of the top venues with a great menu. Another great Italian place is Cafe Jordano with the best pasta. And if you are more fond of fast street food and beer, visit Yard house and grab tacos, steak, or wings. When it comes to beer, Lakewood is a beer town. Craft breweries are everywhere, and they make all sorts of beer you can imagine. Great Frontier Brewing makes awarded gluten-free beer. You can visit numerous pubs and beer gardens, and find your favorite beer.

Performer on the balcony
Culture is one of the 7 reasons to settle down in Lakewood, Colorado.

Make your new home in Lakewood

If you are still searching for the 7 reasons to settle down in Lakewood, Colorado, just think of having it all in one place. Great weather, good food, awesome beer, summer festivals, and rock concerts. This lovely city embraces all people and offers low-cost living with a lot of jobs, and great schools. And when you get tired of the city, nature awaits you behind the corner. You can try various outdoor activities, or you just can take a walk and relax in the park. Leave your relocation to moving services Denver, while you plan your new life in Lakewood Colorado. 

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