A simple guide to packing your furniture like a pro

When moving, you will have to take the majority of items with you. No matter how much you declutter, you will have some sort of moving inventory. Furniture is one of the items that many people dread moving. It is heavy, oddly shaped, and can easily damage the surroundings and injure the people that move it. Luckily, you can get some moving quotes in Denver and decide which movers can help you with your move. But even if you have professional help, you can benefit from learning a few tips on packing your furniture like a professional.

How should you be packing your furniture?

When you want to start preparing your furniture for moving, you need to start on time. Packing takes a long time if you want to do it correctly, and you should. Many furniture pieces are fragile and expensive. That is likely the reason why you are not leaving it behind, but giving it to some furniture movers Denver. Some of the best things you can do before starting to pack are:

  • Clean furniture
  • Disassemble what can be taken apart
  • Wrap in protective material
Picture of a couple packing your furniture
You need to start preparations on time

Clean furniture

Whatever you bring to your new home, it shouldn’t be dirty. Moving is a chance to start fresh, and your furniture should be the same. And apart, it is unlikely that you will clean your furniture post moving. Once some movers Evergreen CO drop you off, all you will want to do is relax. Depending on the material of your furniture, you should use a cleaner made for that material. You can easily damage your furniture if you use the wrong cleaner.

Disassemble furniture

The furniture is heavy but it can be taken apart. Everything that can be disassembled should be done. It will lessen the load and your furniture will be easier to move and maneuver. You should take the legs off of the tables and the drawers out of the dressers. All the pieces should be protected and labeled so that you know which ones go where. Some home movers Denver always do this, and you should also.

Wrap in protective material

Furniture is bulky, but that doesn’t mean that it is durable. Maybe they won’t break but they can sure get scratched. Those will diminish their price and make them look unattractive. Materials like bubble wrap and packing paper should be always used for this. No matter how many layers you decide to put, tape them with packing tape so that they don’t slide off.

Picture of wrapped furniture
When you are wrapping up your furniture, you need to use generous layers of packing material

Hiring professional packers in this situation doesn’t mean that you are wasting money

When you are packing your furniture, don’t be scared to spend money on hiring professional packers. Your furniture was an investment and you should invest in moving it. Apart you never know when something bad can happen, and that won’t happen with movers. It might seem like the more expensive option, but getting new furniture or getting damaged pieces repaired is much more troublesome and expensive than getting help. And sometimes even your strong friends can help. Good luck with preparing your furniture for moving!

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