A timeline for your move from Lakewood to Denver

Every relocation requires proper organization. If you don’t organize well, you will encounter problems and issues you could have avoided. So, how does one organize a relocation? Well, the backbone of every successful relocation is creating a timeline. That is a rule no matter the destination or whether you found the best local movers Denver has to offer or you are moving with some amateurs. So, let us help you move from Lakewood to Denver with a properly organized timeline.

Three months before the move from Lakewood to Denver research the destination

A big mistake people tend to make when they move with any home movers Denver has to offer is a lack of research. So, they know a lot about Lakewood as their home, but they probably don’t have enough knowledge about the destination – Denver. Once they relocate, they are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise.

Denver skyline during the sunset
A proper move from Lakewood to Denver requires that you inform yourself well about the city you are moving to.

Most important things to know before your move from Lakewood to Denver

Lakewood is a small city with only about 155 000 residents compared to Denvers’ 715 000. This is a significant piece of information because it gives you a better picture of what you should expect after your relocation with some good movers Lakewood CO offers. You will probably experience a big shock due to such a size difference.

Also, Denver has many more job opportunities. You will find jobs in every field. That’s not the case with Lakewood. In Lakewood, most people work in the government sector and in sales. In Denver, only the sky is the limit when thinking about where you want to work. Another important thing to mention is the climate. Weather is pretty much the same in both of these cities. That’s good because you won’t have to get used to a different climate or buy new clothes.

Two months before the move you should think about movers

The thing is, if you want to do proper research before you hire any of the moving companies Denver CO has to offer, you’ll need time. There are many options, many of them are scammers, and it takes time to eventually pick one candidate. Of course, the best way to go is by recommendation by a trusted person. However, if you can’t, you’ll need this time to do your research. Make sure to check for reviews from customers on every site. If the company you are considering hiring for your relocation from Lakewood to Denver doesn’t have any reviews, that is a red flag and you should find other movers.

A month before the move is for decluttering

So, this is the part of the relocation where people tend to make mistakes. They think decluttering takes a very small amount of time and won’t take too long. However, it is a process that should be done carefully. So, better take your time and inspect each piece of clothing, each book, and cup before you decide to get rid of it or bring it with you on your move to Denver. Everything you won’t be taking along, you can sell or donate to the nearest charity and help someone in need.

A man is looking at a review
Check the reviews if you want to make sure the movers you pick are reliable.

A week before the move – don’t leave the old place dirty

It might seem like just a common courtesy, but doing this can be pretty significant. If you were renting using an app or a site, your landlord can leave a review. If they write that you left the apartment messy, it will be much harder for you to find a new apartment. So, in order to keep everyone happy during and after your relocation from Lakewood to Denver, be a good tenant and leave everything the way you found it, or even better if possible.

If you hire full service movers, they will handle all the rest

That is what the timeline for your move from Lakewood to Denver should look like. Of course, there might be other things that you need to do like packing, furniture disassembling, or finding a rental truck. However, if you hire full service movers in Denver, you will not have to think about these things.

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