Advantages of moving back to Denver after college

College is the door to many new opportunities in life, so you might have left Denver for this reason. You will walk out of college a different person. However, after you’re done with your studies, you might be wondering where to go and what to do. The choices are endless, after all, and you will want to go somewhere you can start the next chapter of your life. But, have you ever thought about going back to Denver for this reason? There are many advantages of moving back to Denver after college if you want to live here after your studies. On top of that, if you decide to come back, you can always rely on one of the best Denver moving companies for help.

Life In Denver After College

After wrapping up your college life and getting a degree, it is time to get a job and start earning money. In terms of the economy, moving back to Denver after college might be a good choice for you. According to the Best Places website, the average income of a Denver resident is a decent $34,423 a year. Compared to the US average of $28,555 a year, this is a nice number. The job market has been increasing and has reached 2.8% over the last year. Over the following ten years, this number will most likely go up to 45.0%. The job market increase in Denver, Colorado is going to be higher than the US average of 33.5%.

college graduate moving out
If you want to move back to Denver after college, think of the living expenses and other factors.

Tax rates and cost of living in Denver

The tax rates in Denver are as follows:

  • The Sales Tax rate in Denver, Colorado is 7.7%, which is slightly higher than the US average of 7.3%.
  • The Income Tax rate in Denver, Colorado is 4.8%, only a little more than the US average of 4.6%.

You might be asking why tax rates are so important. They are very crucial when it comes to calculating the cost of living in Denver after college. If you want to compare the costs of living of the place you’ve been living in up until now and Denver, you can use this cost of living calculator. It includes many different factors and expenses so it is one of the most accurate ones out there. This way, you will know how much more or how much less you’ll spend money while living in Denver.

Relocating Back To Denver After College

Once you make the decision to come back, it is time to start thinking of relocating to Denver. Whether you’ve been living in a dorm or paying rent during your studies, you have surely brought some things with you that need careful handling during relocation. Whether you’re moving boxes of clothes, some dear furniture you brought with you, or maybe big, framed posters or your old books and tech, Homegrown Moving and Storage Group has got you covered.

If it turns out that you’ve also been going to college in Denver, then don’t worry. Our local movers in Denver, CO, are at your disposal. Just give us a call and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

Moving services you might need

Not everybody’s relocation needs are the same. You might find yourself needing help with packing your belongings after college. Maybe you’re moving back to Denver from a distant place, or maybe you’re a little closer.

mover, woman and boxes
Homegrown Moving and Storage offers plenty of moving services for your relocation to Denver.

Luckily for you, Homegrown Moving and Storage is here to keep you covered. We offer our packing services for those who feel overwhelmed by packing. With the best packing materials and equipment, we will make sure that your belongings are safe and will prevent any damage from happening to them. You might have heard that long distance relocations can take months to plan and prepare. However, with our experienced company and long distance Denver movers, you can kick back and relax because you’ll be in good hands.

Things To Know Before Relocating To Denver

Looking at people’s different opinions and ratings, you will learn some important things about living in Denver, CO after college. Like with every other place, living here has its disadvantages and advantages.

One of the things people complain about the most when it comes to living in Denver is the commute time. Apparently, during rush hour, you are more than likely to get stuck in a traffic jam on I-25. This directly affects the air quality in Denver, which is another thing that people living there aren’t so fond of. The average commute time is around 25.3 minutes, just slightly below the US average.  The opinions on the cost of living vary: some say it’s okay, some say that it’s a little high. However, salaries seem to be going up.

denver mountains and lake
Do your research before deciding to move back to Denver after college.

Things to do after moving back to Denver after college

If you are a lover of nature, then Denver is the perfect city for you. Aside from the lovely mountains which are just an hour’s drive away, there are many other places to go to within Denver itself. There are ski towns, hot springs, and parks to spend time in. You will also find an abundance of restaurants and breweries where you can go to hang out with friends and family. On top of that, the public art exhibits seem to be very popular, and you must see them. Making your way in and out of Denver is relatively easy thanks to the highways and airport. Who knows, maybe your next big adventure after college life starts here.

It all depends on your needs and preferences

Like with every other place, there are disadvantages and advantages of moving back to Denver after college. Some people will find that it’s a good idea, while others may not think the same way. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and whether you think that Denver is the right location for you. If that’s the case, call us and get a free moving quote today.

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