Advice for seniors renting an apartment in Denver

So, you finally retired, and now your family home became pricey for your retirement income. Compared to owning, renting gives more flexibility and freedom, and fewer costs. You don’t have to worry about repairs and upkeep anymore. So that’s the main reason why so many retirees decide to rent. It’s liberating and it’s way cheaper. If you’re just browsing your options, then think about Denver. Denver is one of the most recommended cities to retire in. To be exact, it’s in the top 10 cities. Colorado is famous as tax-friendly due to its tax income deduction. And its health care system is ranked sixth in the country. Besides that, a good climate and the proximity of the wilderness attract seniors to retire in Denver. So if you’re in doubt about which city to pick, here is a piece of advice for seniors renting an apartment in Denver. 

Why is Denver a good place to rent and live in after you retire

Denver attracts people of all ages, due to its mild climate and a healthy economy, and other benefits. Renting in Denver for seniors is a good financial choice, because of the state of Colorado’s tax savings. Besides that, the COVID-19 pandemic lowered demand on the market, so the rent prices were steady during the past year. There is a variety of assisted senior living options, as well. If that’s the case, you might need help with the move from Denver residential movers, as well. The proximity of the Rocky Mountains, nature, and fresh air, attracts active seniors. As well as its parks and golf courses. So if you’re about to relocate after you retire, consider Denver.

An older couple having a cup of coffee after reading advice for seniors renting an apartment in Denver
Denver is a great city to retire in.

If you want to retire in a healthy city move to Denver

According to studies, Denver is in the top 10 of the healthiest cities in the USA. Thanks to its climate, affordable health care, access to healthy food, and green spaces. These are the main reasons for seniors renting in Denver.

  • Denver climate is continental, with all four seasons and 300 sunny days a year. Winters are mild to moderate, and summers are hot with low humidity.
  • The Healthcare system in Denver is excellent, according to, sixth in the nation. There are more than 25 hospitals in the Denver area. Denver health system is built around the main hospital with about 500-bed units.
  • Denver ranks 17th among the cities for its park system. Also, it’s planned to improve it further in the years to come. There are more than 200 parks in Denver county so far. City Park is the largest.
  • Access to healthy food is one of the pros of living in Denver. Its healthy environment and local food outlets, make it easy to access food for its residents.
Denver Colorado city building
Denver is famous for its parks and nature.

Tax breaks for seniors renting an apartment in Denver

In general, sales and property taxes are relatively low in the state of Colorado. Also, there are no taxes on food and medicine sales. That can save you a lot of money in the long run. Besides that, there is a tax deduction of about $20000 per year on retirement income for taxpayers above 65 years. Therefore Denver is considered tax-friendly for retirees. If these numbers appeal to you just look for senior moving services Denver and entrust your movers with your relocation.

Numerous outdoor activities and events for seniors in Denver

One of the best features of living in Denver is that you’ll never get bored. If you plan to remain active after you retire, this is a perfect option for you. Denver is a great place for nature lovers because of its lakes and rivers. All sorts of outdoor activities are available in the Denver area. The proximity of the Rocky Mountains National Park is its’ best feature. Whether you enjoy hiking or fishing, or you are fond of skiing, you’ll find something to do, for sure. And if you are not an active kind of person, or your health condition doesn’t allow you to wander around the county, don’t worry. There are still many interesting and fun events in the city, like book clubs or trivia nights.

Seniors couple walking by the lake
Denver is a good choice for seniors renting an apartment.

Advice for seniors renting an apartment in Denver

After you decide to move to Denver when you retire, plan your relocation carefully. Hire Denver small movers, and let them take care of your relocation. Next, you’ll need to find an appropriate apartment to rent. Try to think of all small details, such as walk-in showers with grab-on bars, low shelves, fire alarms, no-step entries, etc. These are the amenities you’ll need in the future. At all times, have in mind your health condition and limits, as well as your needs. Write down these demands and send them to your real estate agent. However, if your condition requires help with housekeeping or medical assistance, some agencies provide the service you need. Also, you may want to rent in an age-restricted community, which is set up to favor seniors and their lifestyles. You’ll find many senior living communities in Denver, independent or cohousing, or even faith-based.

Pros for apartment renting in Denver

This was the advice for seniors renting an apartment in Denver. Renting will allow you to downsize costs and save your money. Also, you won’t worry about repairs and maintenance anymore. Hiring someone to do housekeeping is also an option. There are numerous companies and social programs that provide help and care for seniors and vulnerable adults. In the meantime, you can spend your spare time in nature, hiking, or fishing by the lake. You can also play scrabble, cards, golf, or dance if you prefer socializing. All of this, plus nice weather and fresh air, and great food, grant a healthy life and quality living. Besides, a good medical system is one of the best traits of the city. So, don’t wait any longer, call Colorado Movers, and rent an apartment in Denver today.

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