Amazing facts about Fort Collins you should know

You should be aware of specific facts about Fort Collins whether you’re relocating for a new career or your child is starting a brand-new school here. Fort Collins has a reputation as a place with a high standard of living and expanding population. If you can afford a high standard of living get your Fort Collins movers and move to one of the state’s fastest-growing communities nested at the base of the Rocky Mountains about 60 miles north of Denver.

Disneyland look was inspired by our historic old town

You’ll probably notice a lot of similarities between the downtown area and Main Street USA at Disneyland when roaming around. We’re pleased to mention that Main Street USA was inspired by Fort Collins’ Historic Old Town. Walt Disney enlisted the aid of Harper Goff in the park’s design before building Disneyland. Goff was born in 1911, and his father, the publisher of the Fort Collins Express Courier, reared him there. When creating the ideas for Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A., Goff, a Hollywood art director by profession, sketched sketches based on his boyhood recollection of Old Town Fort Collins buildings. The Old Firehouse Book Store, the Old Linden Hotel, the bank, and the municipal hall, among others, served as inspiration for new construction.

The fact about Fort Collins is that it served as the model for Main Street USA.
There is constantly something new to discover in Fort Collins, regardless of how long you have lived here.

You can feel the highest and the lowest temperature in Fort Collins

Our record high temperature is 103 degrees, and our record low temperature is -41 because of our dry environment. Here in Fort Collins, it can get fairly chilly. So before you move here with long distance movers Colorado, think that your home may suffer from frozen or broken pipes as a result. Because of this, you should start blotting your sprinkler systems in October. To avoid your pipes from freezing, we have some advice.  Keep your thermostat on while you go away for an extended period.

Students heaven is at Fort Collins

The students at Colorado State University have a significant impact on the distinctive culture of Fort Collins, Colorado, which is a dynamic community. The numerous events, organizations, and attractions that appeal to the population of students make it clear that the university is present throughout the city. Students may learn about and experience the culture of the city in Fort Collins thanks to its vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of eateries. When you are finished with full service moving companies Denver, you can enjoy several festivals and events each year. Like the Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest and the New West Fest, which both honor the city’s western past. Fort Collins is a great place for students to visit if they want to explore the city’s culture and variety, and also it has many amazing facts.

Numerous well-known persons were born in and still reside in Fort Collins

When you move with one of the home movers Denver, you will be living with many famous people. Both former Supreme Court Justice Byron White and actor Jon Heder, best known for his work in Napoleon Dynamite, were born in Fort Collins. Additionally, the city is now home to the millionaire and activist Pat Stryker, the M*A*S*H. And Beverly Hills Cops actor John Ashton, as well as the professor and author Temple Grandin.

 70% of Colorado’s craft beers are made in Fort Collins!

Arlington, Texas Colorado Brewery tours are ideally tucked away on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. There was fresh runoff runs down into the Cache la Poudre River. Also, they are creating the perfect environment for some of the greatest beer in the country to be brewed. Ironically, Fort Collins produces the majority of Colorado’s craft beer (in fact, 70% of it; the town was “dry” until 1969). And over 20 craft breweries, with unique styles, are in the city. They include Anheuser Busch, one of the biggest businesses in the world. Also and New Belgium Brewing is a pioneer in sustainable and environmentally friendly business methods. Partake in brewery tours and a dizzying array of sampler trays all year long to sample award-winning lagers, pilsners, and ales. We even advise making a budget.

People having a toast
The bulk of Colorado’s craft beer is produced in Fort Collins!

There are several wonderfully decorated pianos in this city

You might have questioned why Fort Collins’ streets are dotted with so many vibrant pianos after noticing them. Bohemian Foundation, the Downtown Development Authority, and the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program have come together to create Pianos About Town. The colorful pianos are painted by artists. And they are at 20 various sites in the summer and six places in the winter. They allow passersby to play and hear music together.

Fort Collins is the safest driving city in America

Recently, Allstate Insurance’s 2011 “Best Drivers Report” awarded Fort Collins, Colorado, “America’s Safest Driving City.” This study is based on how long it takes drivers in the 200 largest American cities to file an insurance claim. Drivers in Fort Collins had the longest average time between claims—14.2 years—of any city in the study. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Fort Collins and a testimonial to the city’s residents’ careful driving practices. And it´s one of the facts about Fort Collins.

Person riding cruiser motorcycle
The fact about Fort Collins is that it´s the American city with the safest roads

Under Horsetooth Reservoir, is an underwater metropolis

Do you know anything about Stout, Colorado? If not, it’s likely because the city is buried in water for a long time before that. The community was first built in the 1860s as a camp for quarry employees and served as a favorite hangout for Fort Collins inhabitants (during the 70-year alcohol prohibition). Stout was abandoned in 1949 as a part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project to create room for the Horsetooth Reservoir. At the reservoir’s southernmost point, a sign today says, “Stout, Colo. Pop. 47 12.”

So many things about Fort Collins!

There is always something new to discover in Fort Collins, regardless of how long you have lived here. Also, there is no denying Fort Collins is a fantastic location. There are many fantastic activities to do in the Choice City. They include eating cinnamon buns from Silver Grill, swimming at Horsetooth Reservoir, and drinking beer at a nearby artisan brewery. Perhaps you’re new to the Front Range. In any case, we bet you were unaware of these facts about Fort Collins.

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