Benefits of moving to Parker

Choosing Parker Colorado for your next home town is a great choice. Moving to Parker will have you reap multiple benefits. So, don’t worry about your choice, hire your Parker movers and schedule a moving date! This town in the Denver Metro Area has many things going for it. We are going to explain, in this article, just why relocating to this town is one of the best ideas in your life.

What are the benefits of moving to Parker?

Here is the short and dirty list of major Parker benefits:

  • A place with the best views
  • Parker Colorado has great schools
  • You will love those lovely parks
  • Enjoy arts and event venues
  • One of the benefits of relocating to Parker – Recreation and fitness centers
  • Annual events
  • Medical Facilities
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Wonderful views!

A place with the best views

First off, the elevation Parker’s at is more than 5,800 feet. Almost 600 feet higher than Denver and all its surroundings. With great altitude come the best views. Some of the Parker places stand at more than 6,000 feet! Once your local movers CO drop your stuff at your new place, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent views of the entire Denver Metro Area, the Foothills, and even some of the Rocky Mountains. As a bonus treat, there are days that you can even see the Continental Divide. Since this is what, quite literally, divides the entire country into the west and east, it is a pretty amazing sight to behold.

When it comes to the views, you simply can’t beat Parker. True, there are some communities with similar views but they are extremely few and far between, and none that offer the complete package as Parker.

Parker Colorado has great schools

The schooling system is perhaps Parker’s strongest point aside from the views. This area is part of the Douglas County School District RE-1,  The well-known Chaparral, Legend, and Ponderosa high schools stand proudly at the top. There are also some private schools that have shown their excellence, as well, in Lutheran High School and Southeast Christian School.

If you don’t mind going a few miles outside of Parker, you can enroll your kids into one of the best private schools in entire Colorado, the Regis Jesuit High school, and Valor Christian High School.

You will definitely be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the educational institution for your kids. And that is always a really good thing!

Best schools for your children!

Moving to Parker – You will love those lovely parks

Next up, Parker also brings a plethora of amazing parks “to the table”. There are more than 250 acres of well-developed parkland to be found in this place. If this was not enough, throughout the town you can find as much as 900 more acres of dedicated open space. The list of parks goes on and on, having more than 20 parks, from the Auburn Hills Community Park, through Salisbury Equestrian Park, all the way through the Westcreek Disc Golf Course.

The fact of the matter is that you will always have another great park to visit. In fact, you will have plenty to do so you might want to free up some of your time to do so. The best way to free up time when relocating is to hire packing services from professional movers. Packing and unpacking will take a lot of time and you can use up that time to relax and de-stress inside a gorgeous park, for example. Or you can use it for anything else, really. You might like to:

Enjoy arts and event venues

Parker feels like a small town and that is a fact. However, this does not mean that the community cannot enjoy the “big city amenities”, as well. The shopping situation is really good, with almost all of the national “big boys” represented. You will be able to find most of the well-known restaurant chains in Parker, as well as some local ones that are, at least, equally great.

But the crown jewel of Parker has to be the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center. This grandiose building hosts all manner of shows, concerts, meetings, lectures, and even weddings.  The seating capacity is 536 so there is always enough space.

If that was not enough, there is also the Vehicle Vault. This is a facility that has a collection of classic cars. Its collection is highly regarded, nationwide. If horses are more of your thing, you can visit the Colorado Horse Park. They hold many equestrian events on a regular basis so there is always something to see.

One of the benefits of moving to Parker – Recreation and fitness centers

If you are into fitness, you will be glad to know that Life Time Fitness chose Parker as the premier fitness location in Colorado. There are two major centers, the Parker Recreation Center and the Parker Fieldhouse. Combined, they span over 130,000 feet and sport a gymnasium, all the workout facilities you can ask for, and even an inline hockey rink!

When relocating, you might be exposed to stressful situations. If you want to have a stress free cross country move with kids, make sure to visit one of these centers, or even both! It will definitely be an experience to remember and one that will have you coming for more.

There are two major fitness centers in Parker.

Annual events

Parker has many events. Simply put, there is always something that is going on. You can count that every weekend there will be some sort of an event in downtown Parker. The events are as varied as they are numerous. How does a barbecue cook-off sound? Or movie projections in one of the parks? There are many great ways to spend your time on weekends, when in Parker.

Medical Facilities

Finally, we have to mention something that is really important, especially in these times. The medical facilities in Parker are top-notch. Simple as that. Both major hospitals in Parker are really well equipped and staffed. Furthermore, a couple of miles west, there is also the Lone Tree’s Sky Ridge Medical Center, if needed.

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