Best cities for renters in Colorado

Every person needs a roof over their head, and there are only two solutions for this – buying or renting a home. Each comes with unique pros and cons, but renting is what the majority of people choose. It doesn’t involve commitment, and many people cannot afford to invest in a home, especially not in today’s economy. If you are interested in moving to Colorado, because of its evolving economy, reasonable taxes, and nice climate, you are likely looking at what cities there are. Apart from the capital, which is also affordable, there are many other places that full service moving companies Denver has to offer can reach. So, these are the best cities for renters in Colorado.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing the best cities for renters in Colorado?

Same as when hiring some long distance movers Denver has to offer, you shouldn’t just aim for the lowest price. Each city has a unique combination of pros and cons, and you should choose the one that benefits your lifestyle the most. If you only look at the housing prices, you can even regret moving. Taking everything into consideration, the top places for renters in Colorado are:

  • Longmont
  • Parker
  • Greeley
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You shouldn’t just look for the lowest prices when searching for the best cities for renters in Colorado


Longmont is a city in Colorado, located in Boulder County, 33 miles northwest of Colorado, in an area that is serviced by our Longmont movers, if you happen to require moving services. Close to 100,000 people call this city home. The city’s size is 30 square miles, which results in a population density of 3,572 people per square mile. They get to enjoy a dense suburban feel, with plenty of outdoor space and greenery. The median home value in this city is $423,000 almost twice as much as the national average. Rent, on the other hand, is $1,500 a month, only $400 above the average. Even though it is mostly a home-owning community, with only 36% of the population renting, there are plenty of properties for rent.


Parker is a suburb of Denver, but people often refer to it as a town. It is located in Douglas County, only 19 miles away from downtown Denver. It is much smaller in size and population than Longmont, with only 57,000 residents, living in an area of 22 square miles. The population density is 2,815 people per square mile. Many families and young professionals live here, and more make this place home thanks to our movers Parker CO. The median home value in the area is similar to Longmont, while rent is at $1,700 a month. But the better location and better job opportunities make up for the price.


Greeley is the biggest of all the listed places, with 107,000 residents. Located in Weld County, it is close to the state’s capital. An interesting thing to mention about this place is that it has seen a population increase of 17% in the past ten years. This is likely due to the very affordable housing costs, both for renters and homeowners. The median home value is just above the national average, at $296,000, while rent costs a little lower than the average, $1,130. Since it is a densely populated place, with 2,324 people per square mile, you will mostly be able to find apartments for rent, with very few houses.

Picture of a family who just moved into their new home in one of the best cities for renters in Colorado
Greeley is a densely populated place

Whichever place you choose, our skilled moving team can get you there

As you can see, the best cities for renters in Colorado that we listed are located somewhat close to each other, around the capital. It is after all the center of the state, where most things happen, both business and entertainment-wise. Whichever place you choose, make sure to stay up to date with the things to do in Denver, so that you never miss anything. We wish you good luck with finding an affordable and good place to rent!

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