Best Denver Area Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

In the last decade, Denver has been showing a great growth economy-wise. There are more and more people moving here from all over the USA due to this fact. Among all the population that is moving here, the majority are so-called young professionals. These are young, educated, ambitious people, who are looking for great opportunities. Nowadays, when the speed of daily living is almost too fast to catch, young people are grabbing the best chances they can get. If you are one of them and want to move to Denver, we suggest using the services of movers Denver metro area. They are the most equipped for these types of moves. But before you move to Denver, there are a few things you should check and investigate. One of them is finding the best Denver area neighborhoods for young professionals.

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Young professionals are educated, ambitious people

What are the best Denver area neighborhoods for young professionals?

The list of great areas for young professionals to move to is very long, so we will name only a few. You probably wonder what makes a certain neighborhood great. The question to that answer cannot be easy as people have different affinities. Some will look for proximity to the city’s downtown and all the major happenings. Some will want to be in an urban environment, where the majority of residents are young. If you are hip and single, you would probably want to seek a neighborhood with a lot of bars and night clubs. If you are married with kids, you might want to live in a quieter area. All in all, there are so many opportunities. Once you decide where you want to move, get in touch with some of the movers from Denver. Trust us, you will feel all the benefits of hiring local movers in Denver.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is located just outside the city center. People consider it as one of the most popular neighborhoods. It is quite packed with homes, apartments, and all sorts of venues. If you want to be at a walk distance to Denver museums and galleries, this is the right place for you. Also, the residents of Capitol Hill have very easy access to parks, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. Maybe the moving quotes Denver movers will provide will be a bit steep for this move, but it will be worth it.


This neighborhood has gone through a lot of transformation in the past few years. It has become more trendy and hip now. This is said to be one of the best neighborhoods for singles. And also one of the top five Denver area neighborhoods for young professionals. There is a variety of modern apartments, but one part of the Highlands resembles suburbia and has older houses to offer. You can choose based on your affinity.

Washington Park among the top five best Denver area neighborhoods for young professionals

Denver is famous for the number of parks in the city. Wherever you live, you will be ten minutes away from the nearest local park. Of all the parks this one is the most popular one, with two lakes being centerpieces of it. If you are a runner, there is a trail around the park to enjoy this sports routine of yours. The neighborhood surrounding the park has a lot of architectural styles, with a lot of older homes. Washington Park will definitely be on each Denver neighborhood guide.

A woman sitting on the branch of a tree in one of the best Denver area neighborhoods for young professionals
Denver is known for parks and has a large number of them across the city

The list of great areas for young professionals continues

We have only mentioned three in our article, as there are really a lot of them. Therefore, we leave further research up to you. From Glendale, which is technically not part of Denver, to Baker or Sunnyside. Read about these, and find where you as a young professional will fit in the most. For instance, if you have a limited budget, you should look for something more affordable. In addition, it is important how far will your future home be from your job. The list of criteria goes on and on, so choose your own, and make a smart decision.

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