Best Denver suburbs for young families

As a young parent, you will probably find it difficult to choose a place for your family to flourish. There are so many factors. You need a place where you can be sure you will find a secure and well-paid job. You’ll have to pay attention to the education system in every suburb you look up. There is also the average cost of living, the rent and so many other factors that can make your life much more difficult when choosing a place where you will settle with your family to start a new life. Let us present you with some of the best Denver suburbs for young families among you will be able to pick the best one.

Take your time

Making a wrong choice can cost you a lot. Once you pick a place and move in, it will be much harder to move somewhere else. So, take your time and pay close attention to each place we are about to present. Examine the pros and cons, think about whether it suits you, and then make your choice.

A landscape of a lake and mountains behind it in Colorado
Most of the best Denver suburbs for young families are close to some beautiful forests and mountains, perfect for family trips to the outdoors.

Arvada is among the best suburbs for young families

Once your movers Cherry Hills Village CO relocate you to Arvada, you will realize why it’s a great pick. It is a medium-sized suburb with a population of around 120 thousand people living there. That already gives you a reason to believe it could be among the best Denver suburbs for young families. The bigger the place, the bigger are the opportunities for your kids. It’s not always the rule but most of the time it is. The median home value is around $350,000 and economists suggest that the prices will continue to go up in the years to come. This is a pretty big reason to own property in Arvada.

School ranking is A- on average and that speaks volumes. You don’t need to worry your kids won’t get the highest quality education. Rest assured they will be able to enjoy all the perks of a well-developed educational system.

Travel time to work is no longer than half an hour on average. Compared to some other places, that is a pretty convenient amount of time to spend commuting. New businesses are constantly opening and you don’t need to worry about that segment of your life.

The crime rate is low and most of the crimes are non-violent. The violent ones are almost non-existent with having a number lower than 300 on a yearly basis.

Located less than 10 miles from Denver, Arvada is located close enough to enjoy the luxuries of the big city, while still keeping a lot of small-town charm it has because of its historic district.


Not more than 20 miles from Denver is the nice suburb of Broomfield. Broomfield isn’t very large, with the population slightly smaller than 70 thousand. It’s an affluent city with a well-developed shopping district and a few great schools that deserve praise. If you find a career to be an important part of your life, Broomfield will be a great choice. Many technology companies are located here, some of the top companies in the industry as well. You won’t be spending more than half an hour traveling from home to work or to school.

School rating is really high, which makes it really attractive and one of the best Denver suburbs for young families. The crime is very low and every time someone asks for a safe suburb, you won’t be wrong to recommend Broomfield to them.

A big shopping mall is filled with people.
If you love shopping, Broomfield has exactly what you need. It is famous for its well-developed shopping district.


Lakewood is the biggest suburb when it comes to size. It has a population of around 150 thousand inhabitants and it’s located less than 10 miles west of Denver. With around 80 parks and a big number of other outdoor playgrounds, it would be a perfect place for a family that loves living a healthy lifestyle to buy or rent a place. There are also plenty of shopping malls and the famous Lakewood Cultural Center. This facility includes many art classrooms, a theater, and a gallery.


Golden is a really small suburb with no more than 20 thousand residents. It is located about 20 miles west of Denver and it’s famous for being a former gold rush town and home of the Coors Brewing. Golden offers a magical view of the surrounding mountains. You can visit them, enjoy and have a nice, active lifestyle in Golden. People who love the outdoors and activities including hiking through forests and mountains and spending time breathing fresh air should call Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado and schedule a relocation.

Even though it’s a small community, Golden’s median home value is around $485,800 which makes it one of the best Denver suburbs for young families. People would assume it’s not as attractive but it offers something special for everyone and can be described as a good investment if you plan to buy property there.


Located to the southwest of Denver, the small town of Columbine, with its 25 thousand inhabitants, is a very old mining town that offers a taste of history and a chance to get away from a fast-paced lifestyle. Even though it isn’t big, it still has all the elements a place needs to be welcoming to a new family. You can enjoy the education system, economy that gives opportunities to everyone and the city itself is really interesting because of the way it was made and when it was made. For a history lover and a person who loves nature, Columbine would be a perfect choice.

Kids enjoying in one of the best Denver suburbs for young families
Columbine offers everything a kid needs to have a nice childhood.

Greenwood Village 

If you are searching for a really desirable and affluent place to live in, you can call your moving companies Greenwood Village CO, and schedule a relocation to Greenwood Village.

Greenwood Village has a long history, is only 20 minutes southeast of Denver, and can be described as a technological and business hub. This suburb hosts a part of the Denver Technological Center. It also houses many other major employers who provide residents of this area with highly paid jobs. With great education facilities for children of all ages, it is very attractive among the best Denver suburbs for young families.

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