Best neighborhoods in Denver

Denver is one of the USA’s greatest cities by many standards. Not only does it have all the amenities one person could ever need, but it also has great job opportunities, as well as fairly affordable prices. So deciding to get in touch with a long distance moving company Denver is a completely reasonable and well thought out decision. What you might have a problem with is choosing the exact place in Denver in which you want to settle down. All you have to do is take a look at our suggestions of the best neighborhoods in Denver. You will surely have no problem choosing one! At least there is no way you will make a mistake!

The best neighborhoods in Denver for people of all ages

No matter your social status, ethnicity or level of maturity, the neighborhoods you are about to see are going to embrace you with open arms. As soon as your Denver movers unload your items and settle you into the home of your dreams, you are going to get a sense of belonging. Without further ado, here are our top picks. 

An aerial view of Denver.
You are quickly going to fall in love with Denver.

Washington Park

What makes Washington Park one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver is its combination of natural scenery with quaint buildings. The Washington Park area is a 165-acres sprawl of trees, lakes, running paths, and flowers, but it also has a multitude of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. All of this makes Washington Park a neighborhood where you won’t spend a minute of your life being bored.

Lower Downtown

If you are in love with city life and buzzing streets, then Lower Downtown is the perfect neighborhood for you. It is divided into two sections, one of which is filled with skyscrapers and offices, and another with smaller buildings. Bear in mind that it will be almost impossible to find a family home here. However, you will be able to find a multitude of lofts – if you can afford them, of course.


As one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Uptown is bound to grace almost every list of the best neighborhoods in Denver. If you are looking for an area with low crime rates and a beautiful park, then this is the perfect neighborhood for you. Uptown is filled with Victorian-style houses and it’s close to the downtown area of Denver. That means your commute won’t be a terrible one. Moreover, Uptown is considered as a great place for families. A decade ago there weren’t many happenings in this part of Denver. Today, the area is a fast-developing one.

A woman walking a dog in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver.
Uptown is the perfect place for taking a leisurely stroll with your pets.

You can’t make a mistake

In the end, whichever neighborhood in Denver you opt for, chances are you won’t be making a mistake. As a reliable and experienced Denver moving company, we’ve never heard people complaining about the lifestyle in our beautiful city. So, we have high hopes you will continue that tradition!

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