Best Way to Pack a Box

If you are packing your own boxes yourself for a move, here’s some tips for the best way to pack a box. For starters, make sure you have a box in good condition and that it is taped well on the box. Put the box on the floor or a solid surface prior to packing it.

Heavy items on the bottom: If your box is mixed items, be sure to put the heavier items on the bottom. This will help it be more stable for both carrying and transport. Even if you are boxing up clothing, try placing jeans or heavy sweater on the bottom with lighter garments on top.
Pack it tight: To keep you boxes contents safe during the move, make sure that you pack your box tight or firmly. If items are loose, they will likely shift around and could become damaged. You want to have items to the top of the box, but do not overfill it to the point where pressure is needed to close it. If you do have a large amount of free space in a box try filling it with a loose blanket or clothing.
Wrap fragile items: Even though it can be way more time intensive, wrapping individual items that are delicate and fragile will go a long way for being boxed up. If doing so, try lining the box with packing paper or blankets as an added layer of safety. When wrapping your delicates, do 3-4 layers packing paper and tape it securely after. Again, make sure your items are packed firm so they don’t shift around and get damaged.
Be mindful of weight: Do not overload your box! It is worth the expense of buying additional boxes versus overfilling them. This can lead to a box splitting open and damaging items, as well as crushing other lighter boxes if it’s stacked on top of them. It also makes things dangerous for unpacking.

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