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How to pack expensive equipment

When thinking about moving, be it personal or corporate, you have to keep in mind that it is a long process with multiple steps. One of the steps in relocating your office or business is having to pack every part of the expensive equipment that you have. You can decide to try and do it on your own or you can hire professional help that will show you all the tips and tricks of the trade. As the equipment is usually fragile and most of the time it is not cheap, you will need to take some extra steps and extra care in handling the packing and shipping process. The advice that will save you the most time and stress is to hire professionals for the packing services CO. However, there are some universal tips and tricks that will help you pack expensive equipment. Take a look.

How to pack your expensive equipment

Before you start with anything else, you will need to learn the dimensions of your machinery and equipment. Measure the width, length, and height of every machine so you will know the dimensions of the packages you will need. Note that your moving quote will vary depending on the size of your packages.

workers talking
Disassembling everything is the best way to go when handling expensive equipment.

Another great piece of advice when packing expensive equipment is to disassemble everything that can be unscrewed so it is less likely to fall apart in transport. Another thing you need to check is any equipment that needs special care in transport. For anything that is quite big or extra fragile, it is better to hire moving services Denver. Getting professional help means that you will get a guarantee that the equipment won't suffer any damage in the packing and transportation process.

The supplies you will need

There is quite the amount of supplies you will need for packing up your expensive equipment. For the smaller pieces, you will need bubble wrap, safety film, and sturdy pressure-sensitive double tape. Getting a tape gun will make the whole process a lot faster, so you should go and buy one of those.

For the large machinery, you will need packing crates and moving blankets. You will also need to buy fillers to fill any free space in the crates to minimize the possibility of your equipment moving and breaking in transport.

Bubble wrap
Cover all of your equipment in bubble wrap to prevent unwanted damage.

Pack up your electronics

There are a few things that you need to do before packing your electronics. Take out the batteries from all electronics and their remotes. If you don't do this, you risk the batteries overheating and leaking into the device. You should do the same with any CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. After you take out everything, you will need to tape shut all the drives. If you have any printers or laser printers, you will need to remove their toner cartridges and put them in a dust-proof bag.  You need to be especially careful with packing and shipping electronics as they can easily dent and break.

Transport and tools

You will need special handling and care for the packing and transport of your expensive equipment. If you are dealing with large machinery you will need oversize load permits and special freight carriers. Depending on how big your equipment is, you will most likely need specialized trailers to haul your equipment. With all of this, there are also a lot more packing and moving tools necessary to complete your office relocation.

Some of the things needed to complete the move of your expensive equipment are moving blankets, dollies, skates, and ramps. To get all of this ready for your move date you will have to think greatly ahead and make sure to start planning your move on time and make sure to hire reliable commercial movers CO to help you.

forklift carrying goods
You will need to get professional help with the transport of some of the larger machinery.

Label everything

This task can be quite time-consuming, but it will come as a great time-saver in your new space. The best way to keep your cables, CDs, and toners separated and easily spotted is to color-code them. Get yourself a set of different colored stickers and divide them so one color represents one type of item. After you have everything color-coded and ready to be packed into bigger boxes, make sure to label each box. You can choose to label them either by the room in which they will be located or by the items that are contained in the package or the box.

It is important that you communicate this part of the process with your Denver movers. This way they will be able to unpack everything according to the room for that part of the equipment. Thinking ahead and doing this will help you save a lot of time while unpacking and you will have your business up and running in no time.

Start planning on time to pack your expensive equipment

Even with all of this advice, you need to start planning ahead. Starting everything on time means less stress in the long run. It also means that you will be ready to move your business. And get everything up and running sooner than you will if you do everything at the last minute. So, take your time to get all the information needed, contact all the professional help you will need, and set a moving date.

After that good steadily in the packing process and make sure to do this with a cold head and don't forget anything. Your employees will surely be thankful to work in a stress-free environment before and after the move. This will bring a better atmosphere to the workplace and a better and more productive company or business overall.

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