how to pack your garden decorations

How to pack your garden decorations

It is easy to overlook, or even completely forget about your garden when thinking about the moving process. Additionally, it is not a rare occurrence to remember all of your garden decorations, potted plants, and any kind of garden furniture in the last nick of time, just as your movers Aurora CO are arriving. However, this does not mean that your garden decorations and furniture deserve any less care in the packing process and transport. Let this be a reminder that you have to start packing your belongings on time, but also a guide on how to pack your garden decorations and patio furniture.

Pack your garden furniture
You will need to clean all of your garden furniture before packing it.

Garden furniture

If you have a garden patio set, or any other accompanying furniture, such as swings and chairs, you know that it can get rather dirty during the year. That means that the first step should be scrubbing the furniture down with a wet towel and a multi-surface spray. After you have thoroughly cleaned the pieces, it is time to wrap up your furniture to prevent any damage in the process of transport, whether you are hiring local or a long distance movers CO. Another important piece of advice is to make sure that your furniture is secured in transport. As it may be large and bulky and damage your other belongings if is not tightly packed in the vehicle

Light fixtures

People often hang different kinds of lights all along their garden to create a specific type of atmosphere. This is especially true in the summer months. This means this will also be numbered in the garden decorations you will need to pack. Firstly, take down all of your lights and lamps and then wrap them tightly in bubble wrap. Lightning fixtures that a predicted to be held outside are usually solar-powered, and the panels in those kinds of lamps are fragile, so it is best to give them an additional protection layer during the moving process.

Packing plants
Plants will be a little more difficult to pack than garden decorations, but it is also manageable.

Plants and shrubs

With plants and shrubs, it is important to remember that you can always take cuttings and/or seeds and plant them in your new backyard. This is the easier and more cost-effective option.  This also means that you will not leave your old backyard bare for the new homeowners. However, this option also means that you will have to wait for your new garden to grow and develop. It is best to only move expansive plants or plants that you need to have because of personal reasons.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself if you want to take your plants with you to your new home is: Will the plant survive the transport and a different climate? Of course, the second part of the question becomes more important the further you plan to relocate. Another thing that you will need to do is to ask moving companies in Denver area what is their policy regarding moving plants; some will not have a problem with it and some will refuse. Your plants and shrubs will have to be transported in a relatively slow van. Just to ensure that everything reaches its destination in one piece.

How to pack your plants

Make sure that you use packing tissue, clingfilm, or bubble wrap when moving a high plant or a tree. This way, you can protect the branches and the leaves. If you are planning a long-distance move, you will have to check if you can carry the plants from one state to the other safely. Also, make sure you are moving your plants in hard boxes. This is better than cardboard boxes because they do not move around.  Moreover, you will need to replace the clay pots with plastic ones during the relocation, and you will need to get some sterilized soil for potting to make sure your plants survive the move. With all of this said, you are ready to pack and move your plants.

Ornaments for your garden

The rule for garden ornaments and the way you pack your garden decorations is the same as for interior ornaments, they are usually quite delicate and prone to damage. You will need to give extra attention to these items to make sure they arrive at your new home intact. Make sure you have enough wrapping paper and bubble wrap to ensure they are safe in transport. Additionally, label them and label the box so that the movers will know how to position these boxes in the moving truck.

Children's furniture
The easiest way to pack and relocate children's toys is to disassemble them and then pack the pieces.

Children’s toys and furniture

If you have children, they probably have a playing station in your garden. These may just be toys for the summer months. They can also be bigger pieces of furniture such as swings, slides, and movable kiddy pools. You will have to scrub everything down to make sure it is clean for transport. After you have cleaned the furniture, the best thing will be to disassemble all of the parts. Also, you will need to deflate anything that is inflatable. By doing this, you will save a lot of space in the moving truck, which means you will be able to put more things in the truck.

Your garden is as important as any other room in the house

There are some specific things about moving your garden that you will need to be aware of from the start if you want to do it right. This is mostly connected to moving your plants and green life from your old garden to your new garden. So, check the regulations regarding the transport of greenery and make sure you do it on time and that you hire reliable moving services Denver. After you have this covered, everything else should be smooth sailing.

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