A man thinking about how to survive the first month after moving to Denver

How to survive the first month after moving to Denver

Relocations are one of the biggest things that can happen in a person's life. Aside from being a big change, moving to Denver will also be very stressful. If you're feeling lost and nervous after finally relocating to Denver, know that you're not alone. Many people have been in your situation and there are many more people to come. Home Grown Moving wants to help you experience this change as a positive one. This is why we have made our list of tips for how to survive the first month after moving to Denver.

Why Is Surviving The First Month After Moving So Difficult?

Moving out of your old home and moving into the new one takes a lot of time and effort. It means you spent days, weeks, and months planning and working on every possible detail of your relocation. From choosing the best movers in Denver and making checklists to mentally preparing for the move, you had a lot on your hands. You would expect to feel fulfilled and at ease after you finally move to your brand new home in Denver. However, this is usually not the case.

survive the first month after moving to denver
Surviving firts month is difficult but not imposible

Relocation depression after moving to Denver

This feeling of sadness and overall lack of energy and enthusiasm after the move is often referred to as relocation depression. This state can last a while, from a month after moving to Denver to a couple of months or a year.

Relocation depression is the byproduct of two things. The first thing is the feeling that relocating to Denver is just like a vacation, leaving you eager to meet new people and explore new places. The other thing is the post-relocation period which is usually hectic and always busy because you have things to unpack and organize. Because of these two components, for the first few days after moving to Denver, you will feel excited and full of energy and ideas. However, once this initial period passes, you will probably start feeling exhausted and more down than usual. This is a psychological reaction to leaving your old life and surroundings behind, as well as the people that were a part of it.

Survive The First Month After Moving To Denver: Symptoms

The tricky thing about surviving the first month after moving to Denver is finding the cause of your state. There's no better way of finding out the culprit than by identifying the symptoms and behavior that come with it. People who suffer from relocation depression:

  • usually feel tired after moving to Denver,
  • don't want to leave their home after relocation
  • lack motivation for anything besides watching TV and lounging around,
  • sleep a lot and wake up tired after moving out,
  • don't feel very social or motivated after moving.

Though some people might face these symptoms even before relocation, they might notice these symptoms getting worse during this stressful period.

feeling sad after moving to denver
You will find yourself missing old friends and people in Denver.

Ways To Survive The First Month After Moving To Denver

In order to start feeling better after relocating to Denver, you will need time. They say time heals, but it's the things you can do after moving to Denver that will get you back on your feet. You will have to put in a lot of effort in order to get back to normal in Denver, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Make friends in Denver

One of the biggest losses you will have to survive when moving out is leaving your old friends and acquaintances behind. These could be people you've known for ages or just some people you'd greet on the street and walk on. Regardless of who they are, you will find yourself wanting to see somebody familiar in Denver.

The best way to get rid of this feeling is to make new friends in Denver! Go out and sit in a café or park and try reaching out to people, or even check online for ways to meet new friends in Denver.

Spend the first month after moving to Denver by exploring

Whether your move was a small one with Denver small movers or a more major one, moving to an entirely new area is like being blindfolded. When your surroundings are unfamiliar to you, you will feel uneasy and lost. Because the places you left behind were tied to routines and events in your life.

Getting rid of fear after moving out is only possible if you go out and explore Denver. Aside from looking for places to visit in Denver by yourself, you can also consult the official Denver website for places to go to.

surviving the first month after moving to denver exploring
Explore your surroundings in Denver in order to be more familiar with it!

Surround yourself with things that are familiar after moving to Denver

Whether it's furniture or decorations, things that are familiar to you will make you feel at home. Since relocation is an abrupt change, our minds don't handle it very well. Relocation makes you leave behind not only the people you know but some things and routines you find important. This is why you should make your Denver home somewhat similar to your old home in terms of furniture placement, decoration arrangement, routines, habits, et cetera. Stay in touch with your friends and family: you don't have to stop communicating with them just because you moved away. Getting used to living in Denver will be much easier if you create a safe, comfortable environment for yourself. For your furniture relocation needs, we also offer furniture moving services CO.

Last Words About Surviving The First Month in Denver

No matter how your relocation goes, do not worry. You will survive the first month after moving to Denver, and things will start improving sooner or later. You will inevitably start feeling at home after some time passes. At Homegrown Moving and Storage, we care about our clients' wellbeing and happiness, so we want to make sure that you go through this change with as little stress as possible.

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Toby and all of our staff are Colorado natives, hence the name Homegrown Moving and Storage Company. Toby has been active in the Denver Metro business community for over 20 years. He has been in the moving industry since 2010 and brings great experience to the daily operations of this 5 star rated local moving company. He and the Homegrown Moving and Storage Company team are committed to offering outstanding service at a reasonable cost. As Denver has grown dramatically over the past several years, so have our moving services and capabilities in order to keep up with the changes of our city. We hope to speak with you soon about how our team can help meet your moving needs here in Colorado.
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