Is Lakewood safe - what to know before moving there

Lakewood is located in Jefferson County, Colorado. According to the 2020 census the population of this city was 155,984. It is ranked the fifth most populous city in Colorado. The Lakewood community began to evolve into what it is now around 1889. The government is the primary employer in this city. If you are a real nature lover, Lakewood Colorado may be your ideal city. With over a hundred parks, relocating here will be beneficial to your health. If this already sounds appealing, choose some good movers Denver metro area and relocate here! Wondering if is it safe? Safety is one of the most important criteria for a city to fulfill when relocating. We are here to answer whether is Lakewood safe and to give you tips on what to know before moving.

Lakewood's housing market: is it affordable?

The Lakewood real estate market is quite active. According to redfin.com Lakewood house prices in August 2022 were down 0.95% from the previous year, with a median price of $520,000. Lakewood houses sell in 12 days, compared to 5 days last year. In August of this year, 207 residences were sold, down from 253 the previous year. This statistic demonstrates good results for your house search.

So, hire a real estate agent as soon as possible and find your new home. When you find a new home, hire professional movers, and make your relocation much smoother. The price of rent is determined by numerous factors. Some of them are location, apartment size, and quality. The average rent for an apartment is $1,891.

Top-view photography of neighborhood
Is Lakewood secure? That is a question with several answers. One of them is to search for safer neighborhoods

Cost of living in this city

When we relocate, we frequently consider how much money we will spend in a new place. Here are some examples of typical expenditures:

  • For food average amount is $530
  • Around $65 for transportation
  • Approximately $1300 for rent and utilities combined

Be aware that these are average expenditures for one person. If this is the amount of money you want to spend on living expenses, hire Lakewood movers right away!

The key question: is Lakewood safe?

We want to feel safe when we relocate to a new city. Nobody wants to be constantly concerned that someone will break into their home while they are at work. That's why we must research if is Lakewood safe before moving there. In the past, Lakewood's general crime risk was high. Now, when it comes to crime, Lakewood is somewhere in the middle of the list of USA dangerous cities.

It has a lower crime rate than the nearby cities. This city's government and police are working hard to keep everyone protected. Lakewood CO, like any other city, has some neighborhoods where crime is higher than it should be. However, this does not imply that the city is unsafe. According to residents, the city's core is the safest place. In its southern parts, you are more likely to become a victim of crime.

Lakewood's dangers and common crimes

When walking down the street, make sure to keep an eye on your belongings. The chance of pickpocketing is medium, but you don't want to become their victim. Phone scams are common; keep a watch out for them. Be especially cautious if you are a woman. Lakewood's rape rate is double that of the national average. Don't go to clubs alone, and don't believe strangers.

You have a higher-than-normal probability of being attacked by thieves. If this happens to you, be careful to defend yourself rather than your property or money. Don't be terrified of most of these crimes because they occur everywhere. Choose safer areas of the city and relax.

The man in handcuffs trying to respond to your inquiry is Lakewood safe
If someone tries to rob you, be sure to call the police

What to do in your spare time

As we previously said, this city is full of safe Lakewood parks. You might spend your free time jogging or simply admiring nature at parks. Sunset Park, Belmar Park, and Addenbrooke Park are the most famous. If you are interested in arts and culture there are a few spots you must see. The most popular one is Lakewood Cultural Center - it has a theatre, dancing studios, art galleries, event rooms, and so on.

Lakewood is located about eight miles west of Denver. Because of that, you can gather your friends and plan a trip to the city. And who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you will hire long distance moving companies Denver and relocate there! Other famous attractions: Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Colorado Railroad Museum, Lakeside Amusement Park...

Transportation in Lakewood

Lakewood is connected by the Regional Transportation District's Light Rail system. This implies that you can go to Denver in 15 minutes by using the metro. You can also go to any other city that is easily accessible by metro, such as Littleton. And who knows, maybe soon you'll be hiring movers Denver metro area and Lakewood becomes a place to visit. There are buses and taxis in the city, but Uber is the most popular mode of transportation.

Blurred Motion of Illuminated Railroad Station
If you find a job in Denver, you can use the metro every day

Education system

Lakewood is administered by the Jefferson County School District. There are several possibilities for primary and secondary school education. You can select between private and public ones. Some of them are Lakewood High School,  Brady Exploration High School, Alameda International High School, and Colorado Academy. These schools are highly rated.

This city has a variety of colleges and universities from which to pick. The most famous are: Colorado Christian University and Red Rocks Community College.

Lakewood is safer than most other similar-sized cities in the country

If you needed to hire Denver small movers right away but weren't sure you know all about Lakewood, don't worry, you know everything now. We offered answers to the most important questions about relocating. We hope you will take them into consideration. Most importantly, we provided a response to the most critical question: is Lakewood safe? If everything we've told you is to your taste, don't wait too long to start packing. But if it isn't, we are here to help you continue your search for your new home.

Toby Martinez
Toby and all of our staff are Colorado natives, hence the name Homegrown Moving and Storage Company. Toby has been active in the Denver Metro business community for over 20 years. He has been in the moving industry since 2010 and brings great experience to the daily operations of this 5 star rated local moving company. He and the Homegrown Moving and Storage Company team are committed to offering outstanding service at a reasonable cost. As Denver has grown dramatically over the past several years, so have our moving services and capabilities in order to keep up with the changes of our city. We hope to speak with you soon about how our team can help meet your moving needs here in Colorado.
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