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Should movers handle expensive jewelry?

There are many things to tend to while moving, it can be quite chaotic, and that is the time when it's very likely that you will misplace or lose your expensive jewelry. There is always the possibility of theft too. After all, jewelry is one of the most commonly stolen things. And no one wants to lose their expensive and oftentimes irreplaceable jewelry. So, when hiring some of the best movers in Denver you are going to wonder should movers handle expensive jewelry? There are few ways to approach that.

Make sure that you hire professional and experienced movers

This is one of the most important things to do when moving, even more so if you decide to let them handle your expensive jewelry. After all, when hiring someone everyone wants the best possible service and professional and experienced people that know what they are doing.  And when moving with jewelry it is important to know how to choose movers when you own expensive items.

A woman holding gold pendant while deciding should movers handle her expensive jewelry
You can always just wear some of your favorite jewelry during the move

Prepare all your jewelry for the move

To make moving your jewelry easy and safe make sure that you prepare it all for the move. This will somewhat depend on the kind of jewelry you have and its worth. There are some important things to do to prepare your jewelry for the move.

Whether you decide that movers should handle your expensive jewelry or not take an inventory of all the jewelry

If you have a lot of jewelry and something gets lost or stolen how will you know? By taking an inventory. So write down a detailed description of every piece of jewelry, also take pictures of it all. That way when the time comes to unpack you can check all your stuff after the movers leave. And make sure that nothing has been lost during the move. Doing this will also help with the stress and worry about losing something during the move.

Separate valuable jewelry from the rest

Valuable jewelry is all the jewelry that you find valuable, whether it is worth a lot of money. Or it was a gift from someone special. Like for example your husband or you inherited it from your grandma. Make sure that you separate the valuable and irreplaceable ones from the ones that are not that important or valuable. The latter you can pack with the rest of the things as it is not that important, but don't forget to label the box with it too so that it doesn't get lost when you start unpacking.

Make sure that your jewelry is insured

Whether that is jewelry insurance or moving insurance make sure that you have some kind of coverage. Also, before insuring your valuables, it would be prudent to get them re-evaluated. It will make insuring it accurately easy and you will be up to date on their worth and how much you would be compensated. When hiring professional Thornton CO movers it would be prudent to get moving insurance too. That way if something ends up being damaged or lost you will receive compensation. All professional movers will be able to offer some kind of insurance.

When deciding should movers handle expensive jewelry keep in mind that there are many ways to transport your valuables

This will depend on your moving budget, the value of your jewelry, and how important it is to you. But there are many ways to transport your jewelry safely.

Whichever way you decide to transport your jewelry make sure that it is packed properly

Before even deciding on how to transport it, it is important to pack your jewelry properly. Get conveniently sized boxes and containers for your jewelry to pack it safely. There are many things you can use, here are some of them:

  • Glasses cases
  • Tackle boxes
  • Pillboxes
Reading glasses on top of glasses case
Glasses cases are great for storing jewelry during the move

Instead of letting movers handle your expensive jewelry, you can transport it yourself

If there is not that much jewelry to move, you can just keep it on you. Whether that would mean wearing it or keeping it in a zippered pocket on something you will be wearing most of the time. Even if you have a lot of jewelry and have decided to move it by other means, you should keep the most valuable ones on you all the time during the move. Should you decide to move a bigger collection by yourself. Pack it properly and you can transport it in your car. You will at all times know where it is and that it is safe, and that will surely give you peace of mind.

When deliberating should movers handle valuables remember that you can hire an armored courier service

This is the safest way to transport your expensive jewelry. But it can also be costly. So it will most likely depend on the value of jewelry itself, and that is up to you to decide. You can just pack it all and give them your jewelry to store, transport, and while doing so insure it too. Then you can just pick it up from them, or have them deliver it to your home at the time of your choosing.

Leave your jewelry at a reputable jeweler

This is the simplest and easiest way to keep your expensive jewelry safe during a move. Your jewelry can stay with the jeweler until you have finished your move and are ready to take it to your new home.  But make sure that you choose a reputable jeweler. You will at all times know that your jewelry is somewhere safe and you won't have to worry about it.

Jeweler working at a table
Hire a professional and reputable jeweler to hold your jewelry

Use this opportunity to go through your jewelry collection and re-organize it

Due to taking an inventory of it and getting it ready to move, you will be going through all your jewelry. There is bound to be some which you don't like anymore. Once you decide should movers handle your expensive jewelry. You can use this opportunity to put aside all the jewelry that you don't like anymore and either sell it or gift it to family and friends.

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