Guide to the Highlands Denver Area 😍 | Is Living in the Denver Highlands Neighborhood Right for You?

If you are thinking about moving to Denver, then you may want to consider settling down in The Highlands. The Highlands area of Denver usually refers to two separate neighborhoods: Highland and West Highland. First laid out in 1858, The Highlands was originally promoted as a quiet, safer area outside of Denver with easy access to the big city. Today, the up-and-coming Denver Highlands neighborhood is full of trendy shops, upscale apartment buildings, and plenty of fun attractions and activities for residents to enjoy. This is why living in Highlands in Denver Colorado is a great idea.

Where Is The Highlands Denver?

The Highlands is situated in Northwest Denver and is part of the Denver area commonly called Northside. The neighborhood is bounded by West 38th Avenue to the north, a Union Pacific Railroad line to the east, Speer Boulevard to the south, and Federal Boulevard to the west. It borders Downtown Denver to the southeast.

As mentioned previously, The Highlands typically refers to two different Denver neighborhoods; Highland and West Highland. The Highland neighborhood goes by many names to differentiate it from West Highland, including East Highland and Lower Highland (also known as LoHi Denver). The Highland neighborhood of Denver is also used to refer to other neighborhoods in Northwest Denver, such as Sunnyside, Berkeley, and Jefferson Park. This designation is particularly pushed by realtors who often refer to Berkeley and Sunnyside as “Upper Highlands.”

You will also find that the Highland area of Denver contains several smaller historic areas with designations such as Scottish Highlands, Potter Highlands, and Highlands Park.

West Highlands Denver is situated to the immediate west of Highland, with the borders of 38th and 29th Avenues on the north and south and Federal and Sheridan Boulevards on the east and west.

The Highlands Denver is largely an urban area, and the streets are very walkable, making it easy to live in the area without a vehicle. You can access Downtown Denver on foot by walking over the Highland Bridge, which is a 323-foot pedestrian-only walkway.


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If you prefer to drive, Interstate 25 runs along the southern border of Lower Highlands Denver, providing residents with easy access to the downtown area. You can also enjoy convenient public transportation in West Highland and Denver LoHi via the Regional Transportation District’s bus and light rail systems.

The Highlands Denver Map

The Highlands Denver History & Overview

The Highlands is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, but how did the area get its start? The neighborhood was first laid out in 1858 by William Larimer, Jr. and was promoted as a town outside of Denver. The Highlands Denver was meant to be a safer, quieter, cleaner area that residents could reside in while still enjoying easy access to the downtown area. Highland was declared a city in 1885 and contained more than 35 different subdivisions. However, Highland was eventually annexed to Denver in 1896 due to financial issues.

Today, Denver Highlands is known for being a hip, trendy area for people of all ages and families of all sizes. From the amazing apartments in Downtown Highlands to the Victorian-era homes in LoHi, there is something for everyone.

The Highlands neighborhood demographics:

  • Population: 57,000
  • Median household income: $96,753 (compared to the Denver average of $88,213)
  • Median age: 34.1
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 94.67% White (57.42% non-Hispanic), 1.91% Black or African American, 1.36% Asian, 0.64% Native American

What’s It Like Living In The Denver Highlands?

Living in the Highlands neighborhood is an incredibly unique experience. You can spend your days visiting the neighborhood’s urban eateries and bars and exploring all of the cute shops and boutiques. Highlands Denver attracts a wide range of residents. The area’s top-rated schools attract families with young children, while the restaurants and bars in The Highlands make it a desirable place for young adults to reside. Commuters enjoy the easy access to Downtown Denver, while the quieter areas are appealing to retirees.

The neighborhood completely comes alive during the summertime. The walkable streets are flooded with residents and visitors alike enjoying everything that the area has to offer. The Denver Highlands Farmers Market attracts thousands of visitors to Highlands Square (also known as Highland Square) every Sunday from May through October. The Highland Street Fair is also held in Downtown Highlands every June. This event features live music, 15+ restaurants, and 100+ local artisans.

There is a nightlife scene in the Highlands neighborhood, but it never gets too rowdy. The bars in the Highlands Denver often close before midnight, allowing residents to enjoy their nights without causing too much noise to those who are trying to relax. However, if you want to have a late night, you can easily commute to the bars and clubs in Downtown Denver in just a few minutes.

Things To Do In The Highlands Denver - Best Restaurants, Attractions & Shopping

Here are just a few of the best things to do in the Highlands Denver.


There is no shortage of amazing restaurants in The Highlands Denver. Head over to LoHi Colorado and check out amazing eateries such as Root Down, Highland Tavern, and Wildflower. If you find yourself in West Highlands Denver, then you can enjoy a slice of pizza at Blue Pan Pizza or a plate of chicken wings at Fire On The Mountain.

If Denver Highlands bars are more your style, then there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. There are many breweries in The Highlands, and most of them offer tours to the public. Some of the best breweries in the Highlands include Oasis Brewing Co., Call to Arms Brewing Company, Denver Beer Co., and FlyteCo Brewing.


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There are enough Highlands Denver shopping opportunities to keep you occupied all year long! Highland Square Denver contains amazing boutiques such as Ruby Jane, Sol Shine, and Boutique La Voga. You can also check out the Green Commons at Highlands Garden Village, which is a cute outdoor shopping mall with both shops and restaurants.

Things To Do

There are plenty of fun things to do in The Highlands. If you are looking for fun things to do in LoHi Denver, then check out Highland Park Denver. Highland Park Denver is situated between a residential area and Federal Boulevard and offers grassy areas for picnicking, a wide path for walking and running, and a playground for children.

One of the best things to do in The Highlands is to simply walk around and explore the architecture. The Highlands Denver neighborhood is known for its amazing architecture from the Victorian era. Make sure you check out Elitch Theatre in West Highlands Denver. This historic building has been restored over 15 times; however, you can still see traces of the building’s 130-year-old structure. The LoHi neighborhood of Denver is also full of stunning Victorian-era homes that are sure to capture your attention.

This is where you can find these Denver Highlands restaurants, shops, and things to do.

The Highlands Neighborhood Schools

Are you moving to the Denver Highlands with children? Students living in The Highlands Denver are served by the Denver Public School system. Some of the schools within the neighborhood’s boundaries include:

If you are searching for private schools in The Highland neighborhood of Denver, then check out Highlands Academy. This private preschool boasts 14 classrooms and 45 teachers and staff. The Goddard School of Denver is also located in Denver LoHi.

Is Highland Denver Safe?

Is LoHi Denver safe? Both LoHi and West Highland have similar crime rates to the entire city of Denver. Here’s a look at the Denver Highlands crime rate.

  • Overall crime: 5,507 crimes per 100,000 people (69.1% higher than state average and 134.7% higher than national average)
  • Violent crime: 858 crimes per 100,000 people (102.8% higher than state average and 121.3% higher than national average)
  • Property crime: 4,649 crimes per 100,000 people (64.1% higher than state average and 137.4% higher than national average)

Although these numbers are high, The Highlands is a safe place to live. This neighborhood is outside of Downtown Denver, so the nightlife and gang activity will be lesser, leading to lower crime rates. The crime rate in Denver has also been steadily falling over the past year, according to AXIOS.

The Highlands Denver Real Estate

Are you thinking about buying a home in Highlands Denver? According to Redfin, the median home price in the Denver LoHi neighborhood is $768,000, while the median home price in West Highlands Denver is $882,000. Home prices in West Highlands Denver have gone down 1.4% since last year, while prices in LoHi Denver have gone down over 10%.

There are also many wonderful apartments in Highlands Denver. Some of the most popular LoHi apartments include Infinity LoHi, Modera LoHi, and Centric LoHi. In addition to these apartments in LoHi Denver, you will also find stunning West Denver apartments such as Highland Junction and Trocadero Apartments.

The Highlands is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Denver and is a great place to live for people of all ages. If living in The Highlands Denver sounds great to you, then get in touch with Homegrown Movers. Call our expert movers in Denver today at 303-587-6200 for a free estimate!

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