Can DIY moving supplies do the job right?

If you are in the middle of planning your relocation, you probably have a lot of questions. When you want to have a DIY move, you are probably wondering whether DIY moving supplies can do the job right? You do not want to end up with bad moving supplies and put your relocation and jeopardy, of course. Since we want you to move without any doubts, today we will be answering this question. And if you are wondering what are the best moving companies in Denver area, we know the answer as well.

a man laying under a pile of moving boxes
When you get DIY moving supplies it is easy to buy more than you actually need.

The pros of a DIY relocation and packing

There are pros and cons to every type of relocation, of course. Currently, we are interested in a DIY process, so here are the benefits of moving on your own.

  • You are in charge of the process – If you have carefully planned the relocation already, and want to be in control of the moving process, DIY relocation is the right way to go. You have complete control over every aspect of relocation, and you don`t depend on anyone else.
  • Saving money – A carefully planned DIY relocation and packing can save you a lot of money. However, you need to be extra careful here, as any mistake that you make will cost you. For example, if you get a lot more DIY moving supplies than you actually need, you will have overspent the money from your budget.

The cons of a DIY relocation and packing

When it comes to choosing whether you want to do everything on your own or hire a professional team of people, it all boils down to your specific needs. For example, a long-distance move is much easier with cross country movers Denver than on your own. Let`s see what are other cons of DIY relocation are.

  • You can rely only on yourself – What is an advantage can easily turn into a disadvantage. Your friends can say that they don`t want to help you. This combined with bad weather, for example, is a recipe for a disaster. It is helpful to have someone you can rely on.
  • Moving injuries – Assembling and disassembling furniture, moving all of your items, and transporting them, packing, and unpacking are by no means easy things to do. One wrong step and you can hurt your back or your ankle and ruin a DIY relocation.
  • No insurance – In case that something happens to your items, you won`t get compensated like you would with professional movers. This is one of the most important benefits of hiring professional packers.
moving boxes in an apartment and a sofa covered with protective linen
Free moving supplies are great, but you should always check their quality before taking them.

Are alternative moving supplies good for your relocation?

There are plenty of ways in which you can obtain moving supplies. Depending on your budget you can aim for the most expensive and high-quality ones, or you can use some of the things you have at home already. Alternative moving supplies are only good for your relocation if they are of great quality.

Free DIY moving supplies

You can get a lot of moving supplies for free, like moving boxes. Local grocery stores, liquor stores, Craigslist, and local businesses will all be thrilled to give you some of their moving boxes. However, you need to be extra careful here. Never take any moving box that does not seem sturdy enough. You want only the best moving supplies for your relocation. Even if your friends offer you moving supplies from their recent relocation, check the quality twice.

Items you already have at home

A good thing about a DIY relocation is that you can use stuff you already have at home for your relocation. For example, moving blankets can easily be replaced with your old blankets. Packing paper can become newspaper, and bubble wrap can be replaced with crushed newspaper or towels. But, although this is the perfect way to avoid buying professional moving supplies, be careful, and only use items that are of great quality. When you need to pack your furniture for moving, for example, it is important to have high-quality supplies.

What is the difference between professional and alternative moving supplies?

If you have high-quality moving supplies, that you don`t need professional moving supplies. However, it is not the same if you hire professionals to bring their supplies and pack your items, and do it on your own. First of all, professionals will evaluate and bring the right amount of moving supplies. So, there is no wasting money on extra moving supplies or buying moving supplies the night before the relocation.

Secondly, the movers know the right packing techniques. What really matters is that your items don`t get damaged during the relocation process. If you moved the items without damaging them, then all the packing supplies were great. But a proper packing and lifting technique is really important here. You need to learn how to pack quickly and properly before your relocation even begins.

Finally, if you have movers bring over all the necessary moving supplies, they will also take them away when the relocation is finished. This is great, as you won`t have to deal with any leftover moving boxes, or used packing supplies. Professionals will get rid of them in an eco-friendly way, so there is nothing to worry about.

a couple packing cups inside the moving box
Instead of packing paper, you can always use crushed newspaper for packing fragile items.

Moving equipment is also very important

When you are preparing for a DIY move, you need to obtain not only DIY moving supplies but also some moving equipment. For instance, you will need a furniture dolly for your furniture, kitchen appliances, and other large and heavy items. Furniture pads and safety ramps also fall into this category. We highly recommend that you rent them, as they are expensive to buy. This is the best way to make your DIY relocation safe and avoid moving injuries. Only when you use proper moving supplies and equipment can you have a truly successful relocation, without the help of professional movers. Good luck!

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