Can you build a sunroom on a budget

Having your own piece of heaven in the house is not necessarily a great luxury. Some people have small gardens, a terrace where they drink tea, others have a place where they hold a grill. Each one of us looks differently at peace and relaxation time. If you feel you need a space for relaxation, have you thought of making your own sunroom?! Do not give up immediately because you think this is a very expensive investment. If you ask – can you build a sunroom on a budget – our answer is YES. Building a sunroom doesn’t have to mean you will spend a whole fortune on it. And in the following article Home Grown Moving Company will show you how to do it. 

There are affordable sunroom building kits available

Did you know there are amazing sunroom building kits that are highly affordable and fit your budget? Many of them are DIY and easy to understand and build. If this idea seems interesting to you check our article and see how to make your own sunroom on a budget.  Moreover, when discussing DIY projects, since you are on a trail to build a sunroom, maybe check out some cheap home renovation tips as well, your family is sure to be grateful to you.

trying to build a sunroom on a budget
If you’re not so talented with building, you can buy a building kit with all the necessary components and instructions and build a sunroom on a budget on your own nevertheless

Want to build a sunroom? Think of your skills:

If you’re in doubt, we will tell you that building a sunroom isn’t so difficult, but also requires some skills. So, before you decide to build a sunroom, think about your skills and what you can do. Of course, no one expects you to be an expert and a professional with the tool, for that reason you can buy some easy sunroom kits. Kits like this, are made for starters and amateurs and are ideal for DIY at home. While it’s made for starters, it’s good to have at least one experienced people with you, just in case.

And when it comes to experienced people moving services CO can provide some quality expertise. If you worry about the time, with a kit like this, you will need about 25-35 hours to complete a small sunroom. If you want a larger one, it will last from 50 to 70 hours. Another good thing about the kit. You will save money on installation and labor costs. And when it comes to materials: glass, aluminum, roof, or bricks – it’s up to you. 

a nice sunroom
There are various types of sunrooms, from sunrooms with blinds, sunrooms with single slope roofs, mansard sunrooms, aluminum sunroom frames, small, vinyl, and other sunrooms.

Choose the right type for you: 

There are a lot of types of sunrooms. People often think about the sunrooms they’ve seen in big houses or on television. These are huge rooms with a glass roof. Well, these are the most expensive versions of sunrooms. Sunrooms are also called solarium or conservatory and we often think about big rooms attached to the house with lots of windows and roofs made of glass. Lots of sunlight and warm interior offer you to spend cold but sunny days there. And make you feel like you’re outside in nature. But there are various types of sunrooms and not all are expensive. If you want to build a sunroom, you can pick among these: 

  • Attached sunroom – basic structure, can be made of a DIY kit, usually the cheapest version 
  • Four-season room – windows, a roof made of glass, warm during winter months 
  • Screen room/porch – walls are constructed of mesh, habitable only during warm months 
  • Vinyl sunroom – cheap, easy, and the most popular one 
  • Aluminum sunroom – more expensive version 
  • Wood sunroom – the most expensive version of a sunroom but also a more appropriate choice for screen rooms 

Things to know before you start building: 

It’s great if you have enough space to attach the sunroom to your home. But space is not all you need. You need to know more if you want to build a sunroom. If you don’t have much experience with building and using tools, kits are the best option for you. And a cheaper version of a sunroom. You can save on installation and labor costs while using quality materials. But, before all these things, be aware there may be restrictions on extending your home. The best advice first is to check with your local building and zoning officials to make sure that you meet all requirements and have all the necessary permits. You don’t want any problems, right?

using calculator
Consider your finance before deciding to build a sunroom on a budget

While DIY kit contains all basic materials: 3” extruded aluminum frame, single-pane or double-pane insulated tempered glass panels, an aluminum foam-core roof, a center ridge beam, full screens, weather stripping, installation, and others. Remember this, alongside DIY projects you need some home redecoration tips to back you up. You will need additional materials: power tools (7 ¼” circular saw with carbide toothed blade, a screw gun, and a regular drill), hand tools (basics, hammer, a rubber mallet, a square, tin snips). If you think that you won’t be able to build a sunroom by yourself you can always check the prices of the professional local building company. 

Build a sunroom with a DIY kit

Sunroom kits are quite popular today and a way to get a deluxe sunroom for a  small number of costs. Of course, they come in varieties and materials and levels of fanciness. The fancy level depends entirely on you so either be humble or go wild. Price range can be from 1,500$ up to 15,000$. Of course, if you include costs for hiring a pro, it is a bit more. It is as easy as clicking that buy button and arranging color-coordinated pillows. So make your pick and build a sunroom on a budget, it is that simple. And when it comes to pros, maybe your residential movers CO  can come in handy as well. 

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