Clean your house in a day before a local Lakewood move

A large number of days are lost during the move. Part goes to the organization and selection of the moving company, part to packing, and everything needs to be cleaned before the move. This can reduce your monthly income, and you certainly don’t want that. That is why it is important to reduce the days dedicated to moving. Based on the experience of some of the finest moving companies Denver has to offer, we will provide instructions for express cleaning of the house. If you want to clean the house a day before a local Lakewood move, first go through the house with paper and write down what needs to be done.

Let’s start our cleaning

Once you’ve created a to-do list, it will be easier to determine what cleaning supplies you need. Get everything ready and you can start the cleaning.

a girl cleaning windows
Do not forget to clean the windows before a local Lakewood move

Surface cleaning

Firstly, it is best to go through the entire apartment and clean it of garbage. If all small items, kitchen and toilet utensils, as well as clothes, are packed in boxes, it will speed up the cleaning. If you contracted that part of the work with a moving services Denver, it is important to arrange them in their places, so that the packing takes place systematically.

From top to bottom

If you have to clean several floors, it is important to start from the top and move down. The opposite direction will cause already cleaned surfaces to turn white again from dust, which falls according to the law of gravity. Prepare a vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust from the house.


Deep cleaning before the local Lakewood move

Although it takes the most time, deep cleaning is actually the end of the job. Given that for washing the toilet we use products that need to stand for a while, which also applies to the inside of the oven, we should start there. While we wait for their effect on dirt and grease, we don’t waste precious time.

Room by room

This part of cleaning will not take much time, considering that it is about wiping flat surfaces. After vacuuming, wipe all the cupboards, wardrobes, tables, mirrors, and then the floors and walls. It is important to pick up every little thing from the corners so that after taking out the furniture, additional cleaning is not waiting for you.

Kitchen and bathroom

Of all rooms, the kitchen and bathroom will certainly require more time when it comes to cleaning. Clean the shelves in the kitchen, vacuum the crumbs with a handheld vacuum from the farthest corners, then wipe and disinfect everything. In addition to the exterior, deep cleaning of all kitchen appliances is very important. Clean the toasters and microwave of crumbs and wash the inside of the microwave as well as the dinner plate. Also, give attention to the inside of the dishwasher as well as the filter. After the time necessary for the chemicals to act on the dirty surfaces, we start washing. Wash the oven, hob, switches, and air cleaner. Finish with a thorough cleaning of the toilet surfaces.

Finish with floors

After everything, clean the floors moving from the inside to the exit of the apartment. Now you are ready to complete your move with the help of any Denver residential movers. Follow these steps to finish everything on time.

cleaning floor in a day before a local Lakewood move
Finish the cleaning by mopping the floors

Achieve a common goal by working together

Cleaning the whole house in one day sounds like an impossible mission, but with enough dedication, planning your workday, and teamwork, you can finish it in no time. Family members can also help you, as it is in everyone’s best interest to have the cleanup done before the movers Lakewood CO crew arrives. If it is necessary to clean the house in a day before a local Lakewood move, and you are not sure that you will finish it yourself, hire professional cleaners.

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