Dear valued clients,
Our business is continuing to operate as we navigate the current COVID-19 situation, and we are adapting our operations by practicing social distancing, and reiterating the practices of good hygiene, like frequent hand washing, providing hand sanitizer and gloves for the moving crews. We are also offering virtual onsites for current/ future clients during the current situation. We will do our best to keep our current clientele informed of any changes to current/ future moves.

As our client, your safety and health is our #1 priority during this state of emergency. Please consider the following guidelines to prepare for your move with us:

⚠ADVICE FOR CLIENTS REGARDING SETTING UP CONDITIONS FOR A MOVE: • Upon our arrival, please have your residence/ office/ items as ready as possible (cleaned/ sanitized and ventilated in advance) for the removal of your items. • It is recommended that you/ your representatives will keep, at a minimum, 6 feet of distance from our crew. Our crew members will keep, at a minimum, 6 feet of distance or more at the time of service. • You will assure continuous ventilation of the spaces we work in at all times. • Please provide dedicated bathroom(s), equipped with soap and paper towels for our crew members.

⚠LIMITATION OF LIABILITIES OF MOVING COMPANIES AND THEIR RIGHT TO CANCEL WORK (NATIONAL LOCAL MOVES): The Government has stated it is or will be implementing (as yet) measures to combat the spread of the virus. Such measures in place might impact our ability to provide services to you (including but not limited for us having to suspend or cancel in full the services) or the virus otherwise affects our ability to fulfill your relocation. This may place us in a position where we will not be able to accept any ability for any losses that may arise and we limit our liability accordingly. We are keeping the matter under careful review and will ensure that all customers are advised of any developments that may affect fulfillment of contracted services.

As our team at Homegrown Moving Company has been following updates, we are choosing to work with & adhere to the guidelines set forth by health officials and authorities. We want to do our part in mitigating the impact and spread of COVID-19 to the businesses and communities we serve, and we are implementing the following strategies to do so:

We have discussed with our team members what to do in the scenario that anyone is experiencing symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus. We have an understanding among ourselves to be transparent if somebody's not feeling good or may have been exposed. We understand the need to self quarantine for the proper amount of time, if this occurs, to avoid any further spread. In turn, we ask the same from our customers. In the event that you are feeling sick or may have been exposed, we are happy to make arrangements for another move date.

Use of examination gloves: Our teams will wear examination gloves while servicing moves as an additional hygiene measure and self protection. Gloves will be discarded after each move.

Due to the high demand of masks, we are unable to provide them at the moment, but if you would like masks to be provided for your move, please provide them and we can use them.

Our team will also have hand sanitizer, and we ask that they are allowed to use a sink or water source to wash their hands when available. Social distancing: Upon arrival to our customers' homes or offices, team members will follow the protocol of social distancing, allowing 6' between team members and you, our customer. We have always valued the professionalism and respect that accompany an introductory handshake, however during the COVID-19 outbreak, we ask that our customers understand for safety purposes that we will refrain from shaking hands or making physical contact.

Proper ventilation: In move settings when available, we request that our customers open outside doors and/or windows to increase air circulation. All of the above will be effective immediately and remain in place until April 20th, until we can reassess the situation and make further announcements. We strive to continue to practice CDC/ Federal / State/ WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for health and safety to prevent contagion in our community.

Thank you, Homegrown Moving

Common hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance

Are you planning your relocation to or from Denver? Moving somewhere long distance? You have a plan and you already determined your budget, but you are afraid of the hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance? To be calm and worry-free first and foremost is deciding upon the moving budget. Reliable moving companies will always offer you estimations. Ask companies for free moving quotes Denver, which will be a great framework for the budget. Work around your needs and wants. Long distance relocation will, of course, cost more money. But we know it can be scary when additional costs hit your pocket. Because we recognize the struggles you encounter moving on distance, we are reminding you of the most commonly forgotten costs of moving long distance and how to avoid some of them.

Pack carefully and keep your eye on these hidden costs

Some of them you might already consider. And we hope we gave you some new ideas and warnings. Needless to say, you will spend money on packing supplies if you decide on DIY packing. A way which you can avoid that is searching for free cardboard boxes. You can get them at supermarkets, pharmacies, libraries, or maybe from your neighbors. However, we recommend choosing safe and reliable moving supplies for long distance relocations. Hire packing services Denver CO and be calm about packing fragile and sensitive items. Continuing, you are most likely to spend unexpectedly on these things:

  • packing supplies
  • broken and lost things
  • moving especially big and heavy items
  • renting storage units
  • trip breaks and possible hotel stays
  • move cancellation fee
woman carrying moving boxes
DIY packing can ease pressure on your budget, but do it carefully!

Damaged or lost items are quite a common thing when relocating on your own

You don’t want your supplies to get damaged in the process. Hidden costs may unravel when you realize something has been damaged or misplaced. Paying for furniture repair or a new item will put pressure on your wallet. When you are crossing big distances unpredictable things can happen. To ensure safe transportation and not think about driving and finding the optimal route with the best highway, consider hiring long distance moving companies Denver.

If you have bulky items to move it will cost you extra

Whether you are relocating your home, office, or workshop you will have bulky items. Things like pianos and other instruments, big closets, pool tables, and generally everything that is big and takes up a lot of space will cost more. Here add up the costs of disassembling and assembling furniture which is not fit through the doorway.

Moving on certain days will cost you more

Choose carefully your timing and hire moving companies in advance. Keep in mind high-demand days. Weekends are known for being the busiest days, and the same goes for relocations. Schedule a relocation during the middle of the week during an off-peak time. Many customers choose weekend relocation in order to avoid missing a working day to plan their move or interfering with a family’s school schedule. High demands are also on the first and last dates of a month since that is when most leases expire. Therefore moving services will cost you more.

woman and man wrapping furniture
If you can, avoid moving on weekends

Last-minute hiring and cancelation fee

Moving experts try are trying to provide fast and efficient services at any time. Assisting you in last minute relocation will cost more than usual in order to be made accessible quickly. As well as that, the cancelation fee could also be a hidden cost of relocations. If you wait longer, the price will be higher for last-minute cancelation. You should think about these things even if you are making a small move. Save the additional money you can put in an emergency fund for later expenses. Get in touch with Denver small movers as they will assist even with neighborhood relocations.

Trip breaks and hotel stays are another hidden cost of moving long distance

Of course, you are traveling a great distance. Incalcutae trip breaks during that trip. Restaurants and hotel breaks are very possible and recommended for drivers.  Keep yourself and others on the road safe. If your move takes longer than a day, you can end up renting a hostel room for the night. The state of Colorado is a big state and especially if you are driving by yourself. Every driver knows how tiring it is to drive a lot. It is recommended to take frequent breaks and get a good rest. You can find great deals starting at 39$ a night in Denver, on the Kayak renting website.

professional movers carrying couch
Think about the hidden costs of dissembling big furniture to fit them through the door.

Now you know about all the hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance

Are you preparing to move to travel a great distance? You have a budget for your Denver relocation but can’t help but stress about the forgotten costs of moving long distance? You can save money by DIY moving and keeping the costs low but do it carefully. Be flexible with your demands and desires. Of course, traveling farther will cost more money. However, we are aware that unexpected charges can be frightening. Consider hiring interstate movers Denver to avoid the costs of broken and misplaced things. Choose wisely your timing if you have a possibility to do so. We’re reminding you of the most frequently overlooked costs of long distance relocation since we understand the challenges you face when doing so. Use our list as a reminder and preparation. And remember, you will always receive estimates from reputable moving firms which will help you greatly in determining your budget. If you financially can, it is smart to make an emergency fund. That way you will be able to cover unexpected costs on time.

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