Common misconceptions about renting in Denver

Moving to Denver with full service moving companies Denver is a big change. If you don’t buy your own home or apartment, you will have to opt for renting. Many things are going to change, but one thing is probably going to shock you the most. Denver is best known for its above-average rent. Compared to the US standard, Denver rent is slightly above average. However, don’t let this discourage you! There are many common misconceptions about renting in Denver, and we are here to clear them up for you.

Why rent in Denver is so high

Denver is very popular and desirable, so many people want to live there. Denver is becoming a big city because of this, so rent in Denver keeps getting higher. Before hiring local movers Denver to relocate you, manage your funds and see if you can afford to live there. The list below will show you the reasons behind high Denver rent.

counting money on table
Denver is becoming a big city, so the rent keeps getting higher.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Denver is affordable up to this day, despite the high rent. Property taxes, health care, and groceries are cheaper in Denver than they are in the rest of Colorado. This can help with your spending after moving to Denver.

Denver economy

Because so many high-paying jobs are available in Denver, a lot of people want to move and live here. Many companies are looking to be based in Denver, which means that there are going to be more open job spots. This also means that the competition for a decent job in Denver is bigger, so keep that in mind. Keep in mind that around 30% of your wage will have to be spent on rent. According to, the median individual income in Denver is $39,806, and the median household income is $68,592.

Weather and recreation in Denver

It is estimated that there are around 300 days of sunshine in Denver every year. Some of the popular vacation spots are only a few hours away from the city. Because of this, living in Denver is very rewarding and the quality of life is very good. With our furniture movers Denver, you can make your new balcony or porch a little haven with a few garden chairs and a table. However, you should consider some things. Because Denver is slightly above sea level, the air in Denver is thinner than usual. This can take a toll on your body, or it can cause problems if you have a medical condition. Be careful when going outside in Denver!

Some common misconceptions about renting in Denver

You might’ve heard many misconceptions before moving to Denver. Misconceptions are harmful because they can only make you feel more stressed and worried than usual. However, Home Grown Moving is here to help clear some things up for you, so there is nothing to worry about. We will list some of the most common misconceptions below.

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If you avoid trusting common misconceptions about renting in Denver, you will be able to save a fortune.


  • People believe that it’s better to buy a house or apartment than to spend money on rent. However, this is false. Renting a place is good because you give yourself time to build a career and save money while having a place to call home. On top of that, renting can be useful. Your landlord is in charge of the property. Because of this, whenever you have a problem, you can always tell that to your landlord and have it taken care of.
  • You’ll often hear that renting is a big expense and that you can’t save money this way. This is a common myth. As long as you’re smart and communicate with your landlord, renting will save you a fortune. By paying rent, you can avoid maintenance expenses. If you arrange with your landlord, your rent can cover your upkeep and possible repair services. Sometimes your rent can even cover your bills, so keep that in mind!
  • It is also commonly thought that renting is a trap you can’t get out of. However, like in the previous statement, all you need to do is communicate and negotiate with your landlord. Whether you’re renting out your apartment or house for a short or long period, you can count on our packing services Denver CO to get you ready for the move!

Common misconceptions about renting in Denver can cost you greatly

There’s so much false information about renting in Denver that it can cost you your dream home. Don’t let any misconceptions about renting you’ve heard discourage you. It’s always best to do thorough research and to think of options and resources before relocation. Think about your wage and savings, think about what your lifestyle in Denver will be like, think about your job… Then, think about the rent in Denver, about the place you plan on living in, the type of home you want in Denver… And at last, think of the things you could miss out on if you didn’t live in Denver. Because the city is growing so much, Denver is becoming popular. There are many fun things and interesting sights to see in Denver, and the nature around Denver is simply beautiful. The official Denver website has listed many different attractions and places to visit.

Denver buildings
It’s always best to do thorough research and to think of your options and resources before relocation.

Final words about renting in Denver

After Home Grown Moving helped clear up these common misconceptions about renting in Denver, you now know what to do before and after your relocation. Before you relocate to a certain city or state, do research. Once you decide to rent a house or an apartment in Denver, think of your resources. If you want to save money on rent, you must be thorough in your research and planning. In the end, when you’ve planned everything out, there is one thing left to do. Call the best moving company around, get a free moving estimate, and get relocated today!

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