Common mistakes people make when choosing movers

For those who are planning on relocating to a different state, careful planning and research are recommended. When moving, people usually opt for either moving by themselves or hiring movers for their relocation. For those who pick the second option, there are lots of things to take into consideration. Some will pick one of the best, licensed professional movers in Denver, but others may try to save some money on relocating. Trying to save up usually causes plenty of problems, and the best way to avoid issues is by learning from other people’s experiences. So, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when choosing movers.

Mistakes People Make When Choosing Movers – Not Doing Research

The first thing people ask themselves when moving is how much money they can save on their relocation. Because of that, they will usually try doing whatever just to cut some expenses and save up. People will open their preferred browser, type “cheap movers near me” and hit the first website that pops up. As soon as they’ve done some skim reading, they’ll get a free estimate and, satisfied with the price, start planning the move. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when choosing movers that can cost a fortune.  

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Not doing research is a common mistake people make when moving.

Choosing Non-licensed Movers

When relocating to Denver, one of the most important things to take into consideration when hiring movers is their license. What’s the difference between licensed and non-licensed movers, you may ask? There are many, and each and every difference can affect your move greatly:

  • Scamming
  • Underwhelming service
  • Low-quality equipment and transportation
  • Extortion


With plenty of websites and moving companies out there, it is difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fake. In general, a licensed moving company’s website will showcase lots of sources stating that it truly does have a license. Of course, aside from reviews and services and such, the website will also include the movers’ contact information. Lots of moving company websites also have the “get a free estimate” option.

Now, illegitimate websites might use this to their advantage, claiming that you will get a free estimate from numerous licensed companies. What will actually happen is that the information you sent will be sold to a shady moving company for a couple of dollars. Never fall for these scams if you want to stay safe! Only get free estimates from trusted, verified companies!

Underwhelming Service

Companies such as Home Grown Moving Company offers high-quality moving services Denver, while non-licensed movers usually just want to get the job done and get their money. You can notice some red flags early on before you even hire the movers. The staff in a licensed company are much kinder and will do their best to help you, while that might not be the case with non-licensed movers. You can expect all kinds of misunderstandings and mishaps.  

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Choosing non-licensed movers is a mistake that can leave you feeling underwhelmed.

Low-quality Equipment And Transportation

What applies to a moving company’s service also applies to the moving supplies it uses. Licensed moving companies have equipment and supplies for all needs: from home relocations to office relocations. For relocating down the street and for interstate moving. There’s special equipment and vehicles for every type of relocation.

As for non-licensed movers, the situation is not the same: usually, they use the same kind of transportation and equipment for every relocation. Because of this, property damage isn’t necessarily going to happen but is very much inevitable. More damage means more expenses, so this must be taken into consideration.


A licensed moving company is completely transparent in terms of the fees you are going to face. Once you make a deal, the price is set and will not be changed. However, even though it doesn’t usually happen, you may be subjected to extortion if you choose non-licensed movers.

To avoid being a victim of scams and such things, you should choose a moving company you can trust. Do thorough research online, or even ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors for information. You can even use websites like Consumers Advocate to make sure you’re making the right choice. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Being Undecisive When Choosing Movers 

The problem with moving is that you’ll always have a hard time making decisions. Whether it’s the moving company, location, services, or date of your relocation, you have to make a decision. Check out all of your options and choose the best ones.

man standing in front of door and thinking about common mistakes people make when moving
Be decisive when choosing movers and planning your relocation!

Once you’ve picked your moving company, investigate the services it offers. If you, for example, choose Homegrown Moving and Storage as your desired moving company, you want to look for our moving services. The more you research, the more you’ll know what to expect from your movers. 

Plan your relocation on time. If you start planning on time, chances are that you’ll avoid most mistakes people usually make. However, if you have to plan a last minute relocation, our last minute movers Denver are here to help you.

How Do I Avoid Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Movers?

The only way to avoid making common mistakes when choosing movers is very simple. All of your worries and troubles will be gone if you choose a well-known and licensed moving company. With licensed movers, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant experience. The company will have the best equipment and transportation and will offer plenty of different moving services. Sure, you might see a few negative reviews here and there, but that shouldn’t discourage you.

Licensed moving companies are big and have a lot of business, so it is only normal for some mistakes to happen here and there. Besides, the internet is a place where anyone can share their opinion, regardless of what it may be. In a sea of positive reviews and comments, a little bit of negative criticism shouldn’t discourage you from choosing a moving company. 

We know that moving isn’t an easy task and often makes people feel agitated and nervous. These common mistakes people make when choosing movers usually present the biggest headaches to people who are about to relocate. Because we want our clients to stay safe and receive the best service, we advise that you follow this handy guide to avoid trouble. 

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