Cross country moving checklist

Moving across the country is one hell of a job with a lot on the to-do list. It is quite manageable with some skills and help. But starting it just looks like a big monster ready to crush you while you try to wiggle out and wing it. So let’s try not to wing it all the way and make a plan for your cross country moving.

Hire a trustworthy moving company

Cross country moving is not quite the same as moving across the street. There are a lot more stuff you need to handle and not enough time or manpower. This is why you need to consider hiring Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado. They will have your back regarding the most important part o the move. Having a good moving company can make or break the whole moving process.

Start by researching movers online. Good moving companies will have a lot of reviews and comments online from people satisfied with them. Get some recommendations from people you know as well. It’s always a safer option to go with a company someone close to you worked with. Take your time because you do not want to end up across the country, without any of your stuff. There are a lot of scammers nowadays everywhere. Make sure you take the steps necessary to avoid them. Cross country movers Denver will help you get ahold of this and make it look like a piece of cake. The fewer surprises you have the better it is.

Declutter your entire home

This is a very important step when moving in any case. Cross country moving cant start before you declutter your home. This will save you time, money, and effort trying to pack it all up. So before you start looking for reliable movers in your area, clean up first. Even if you are moving on your own. Decluttering might be even more important if you are doing a DYI move.

a home you need to declutter as a part of Cross country moving checklist
Home decluttering is a part of cross country moving checklist

Start from the storage areas of your home, and units if you have them. Work your way around the house until you are done. This can be quite an emotional process for some people but do not let that discourage you. Decluttering is important and necessary. Take your time with it as much as you need. But do not hold on to thins you no longer need. If you can, organize a yard sale to earn some money for the move. Selling stuff you deemed as clutter can help you finance some of the packing supplies. That can be a huge relief when it comes to that part of the move.

Make an inventory

After you are done decluttering and start packing it is time to make an inventory. Cross country moving is not a small step and you need to have everything in order. Keeping track of all the things you pack gives you certainty and proof in anything goes missing in case you are considering hiring a moving company. If that does happen, call your moving company once you notice the missing box and they will settle it as fast as they can.

a pen and paper
Make sure to make an inventory list

You should consider packing room by room and make your inventory along the way. As you pack one box, label it with the content and the room it came from. Then put that in your inventory lists for moving day. Room by room packing and this list will help you unpack as well. Cutting the unpacking process in half because you do not have to dig through all the boxes at once.

Gather supplies on time

After you are done decluttering it is time to buy some supplies. Cross country moving means there are some basics you need to cover when it comes to supplies:

  1. Sturdy boxes
  2. Packing tape, paper, air-filled wrap
  3. Moving dolly and proper equipment

There can be more depending on your house and requirements. The good thing is that you can finance a part of it with the money from the yard sale. If you got lucky maybe all of the supplies! Saving money on moving supplies is always a smart move.  Make sure you get everything packed tight and secure. If you need this part covered consider hiring a reliable moving company to do it for you. They are professionals and they will do it in half the time.

Prepare your emergency bag for cross country moving

A first-aid moving bag is the one needed to get you through the trip and the first few nights. You can not go to a cross country moving trip without preparing your emergency bag. What it holds varies between the people, but some things are a must. Because trust us, you won’t be unpacking right away. Moving is exhausting for all of us. And you will not even know how tired you are until you are finished relocating. Take your time and be well-rested before you start unpacking. You have all the time in the world.

an essential traveling bag
Have your essential bag ready

A first aid bag usually holds the most basic hygiene equipment for the entire family. Along with some change of clothes and pajamas. Paperwork needed for the move also needs a place in your bag. Some food or snack for the long road as well. The rest is up to you what to pack. Each member can have their bag or you can pack one large suitcase. That is to your liking. But do not miss out on packing anything crucial because you are saving up on space. Better than to have everyone pack their small bag to have by their side.

Moving can have a pretty big impact on our lives. And what is important is to prepare the best you can for cross country moving. Do everything in your power for this to go as smoothly as possible. The rest is up to the professionals you hire and maybe some luck. Get your groove on and do not worry. You got this!

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