Denver Guide to Moving On a Budget

The idea of moving is hardly a pleasant one.  It involves a ton of time, is mentally exhausting for many, and physically exhausting for the rest. Not to the mention many folks move because they are being pinched on the rent and the idea of spending money to save money is downright infuriating.  So by the end of this read, you’ll have some life hacks for packing well and being able to complete your move without breaking the bank.

Moving Boxes

You can get on Craigslist and find that some people will post their used boxes for Free.   It might be a simple ad that says “Boxes are in alley- Come and get them”.  You’ve got to jump on those quick. FREE boxes might as well say FREE broncos tickets.

Another way to get free boxes is an mobile app called “NextDoor”. NextDoor is an app that connects you with your local neighbors, forming a community around neighborhood living.  From time to time, someone named Ron will say “Left two boxes filled with broken down moving boxes in the dumpster at the corner of Exposition and Pearl”.  You could also post on NextDoor saying you are looking for boxes and you may just luck out!

Now keep in mind, going to collect free things can be kind of a scavenger hunt… but hey! It’s worth it if you can save big money on boxes. You can also go to a liquor store and ask for old boxes. These boxes have the advantage of  being reinforced because they are made for hauling heavy volumes with the boxes.  If you pick these up, you’ll also have the advantage of all your new neighbors thinking you drink tons of Espolon Tequila.  They’ll probably want to introduce themselves!

Then there is the Amazon hack.  If you know you will be moving a few months down the road, you can start getting things shipped to you on a regular basis.   With Amazon’s competitive prices, if you don’t need it same day, you can order dry goods (soaps, detergents, packing tape, etc.) ordered right to your door and save those boxes.  This life hack works best with Amazon Prime because then you are not constantly paying for shipping.  

Packing Supplies

If you have less time to drive around town or wait to accumulate your packing necessities, head to your local Home Depot for a one-stop shop.  They sell small, medium, and large boxes- both in normal and heavy duty.  They also have special TV boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing peanuts, and moving straps to make heavy lifts easy.

And if you’re moving out of an apartment unit, you’ll probably have to pick up some putty for holes and cleaning supplies for a final wipe down.  You can snag all this on a quick trip and then finish The Home Depot run with some Twizzlers (because every Home Depot has candy just waiting at the finish line… I mean check-out line)

And if you don’t want to pay full price for packing supplies, some people will gladly unload that on NextDoor as well.  You can some padded envelopes or bubble wrap that folks don’t just want to toss because it’s functional and it will reduce waste for other people to reuse it!  That is more of a long term strategy though. You don’t want to be fully reliant on Ron giving up bubble wrap the day of.  You might use too much time driving around looking in alleys if so.  

Moving Hacks

Last, but not least, some other life hacks for moving…

Save on bubble wrap- Use t-shirts instead of bubble wrap for wrapping items OR old magazines/newspapers ripped up will keep dishes protected and immobile.  You can also pick up some clean, cheap blankets at somewhere like Arc Thrift Stores to cover furniture and then immediately donate them back when you’re done moving. It’s like renting them for free so you don’t accumulate more stuff for your next move.

Have extra Garbage Bags- Some things are much easier to pack by throwing them into a garbage bag and hurling them into the truck. Don’t buy those extra large boxes for pillows, put them in a bag instead.  Money saved!

Lay Cardboard down- If you and your friends are moving during a Denver winter, laying down some cardboard for high traffic areas will keep your old place much neater and easier to clean at the final walk through (get that deposit back!).

Keep tools accessible- Do not pack your tools with everything else. Inevitably, you’re going to need a drill or a screwdriver for something. Keep those as one of the last things you put away and then put it in the driver seat on the drive to your new home.

Block with Cones- If you’re moving with another person, ask if they can go stake out a good moving spot ahead of time with some cones. Nothing is more defeating than having to pack up shop, only to realize you can’t get close to your new building because of Denver’s traffic problem.

Reserve an elevator-  Some high rises will allow you to borrow a key so you can lock an elevator to your floor and to the entrance so other people can’t “steal” it.  Talk with the building manager and see if that works in your situation.  If you are able to reserve this elevator it will cut down on the time and expense of your move.  

VERY IMPORTANT.  Be as prepared and organized as you can be by the start of your move.  This preparation will again cut down on the time it takes to move you and it will definitely save you more money!  You should try to start gathering supplies a couple months in advance so that you’re prepared for the week of your big move.

If you use this moving guide, not only will you find boxes on the cheap, but your moving will go much more smoothly.   You can use that extra money to treat your friends who helped you move…. You did secure a bunch of friends to help right?  If not call Homegrown Moving and Storage Company in Denver at 303-587-6200.

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