Downsizing tips for seniors in Colorado 

As we grow older most of us go through certain changes. Many people move out or their kids move out from the family home at a certain age. Moving from your old family house to a smaller accommodation is a tough and tedious process for the majority of people. More so if those people are seniors, trying to move their life to a retirement home. Changing the pace of life by shrinking your belongings in that process is a hard and fierce task. Even if you are not moving out this can be quite challenging. We at Home Grown Moving Company know that it’s a fierce task indeed, but a task that can be helped with. We have prepared some very important downsizing tips for seniors in Colorado so be sure to check them out.

Make a to-do list before starting the downsizing process 

As much as you are afraid to start the whole process, it is best advised to do it as soon as you can. This is especially important in the case that you are moving long-distance and in that case, you should also check long distance moving companies Denver to see the right fit. There are a lot of things to worry about, so being organized is crucial. Let’s start by:

  • Making a list of your possessions
  • Getting rid of the items which you don’t need
  • Making a plan for your new home interior design
  • Acquiring items that are needed for your new home
  • Having a packing and labeling plan is a must
  • Choosing a moving company
elderly woman
It can be hard to downsize properly if you do not prepare right

Having an item list is one of the most important downsizing tips for seniors in Colorado 

The list can be very useful for future references and can also be used as a checkpoint. Don’t be afraid to let go of some of your possessions. It’s only reasonable that some of you won’t be able to able to relocate some of your items. This can be very stressful as we all know. You don’t want to overburden yourself with unneeded items. Now might be the best time to decide, or at least narrow down, the items that will not be moving with you to your new home. Let’s face it: not everything will fit into your new life, so you’ll have to make some sacrifices.

In this regard, having a strategy for dealing with overflow inventory is desirable. Ask yourself: Do I need this item? When have I used it the last time? When will I use it again? Does it have any value (sentimental or material)? If the answer is no on most of the questions we strongly suggest that you get rid of it.

Before starting the downsizing project make a floor plan

Your new home, being smaller and you not being used to it, has to be multi-functional. Rather than fitting in a new cabinet, consider purchasing a sofa with a pull-up storage area beneath the cushions, which could in turn save you some storage space and at the same time blend in more naturally to the room’s ambiance. Maybe you should put in cube sitting pieces underneath the kitchen table instead of the usual chairs, and save some space in that manner? This mindset can be applied to a lot of the furniture you already own.

When you begin to consider each piece of furniture as a potential storage space, you will be able to maximize your use of space with both appearance and function. As you can see, the number of variations is almost endless, it just takes some time and a bit of fun with experimenting, to really polish your new apartment look and still retain that much-needed storage space.

Ask yourself – what else do I need as a senior in Colorado 

Once you have made a plan on how your new home will look like you should start looking for things that you might need. You don’t need to plan long-term, just some items that you might need during your first six months in your new home. Start with the things which you got rid of – do you need to replace any of those? Does your new home have the same devices which you used in your old one? A really good plan on how to solve this is to think of the items which you use every day. D

o this for several days, for each item that you use ask yourself – Will I be able to use this in my new home as well? Another important thing is the office which you might have had in your old place. Now that you are moving out, do you plan on getting a home office? Denver office movers advise you to look into this option since it’s a great thing to have for seniors in Colorado. You can do some online work or just spend some quiet time on it.

elderly couple
You can replace many of your items once you move to your new home

Downsizing is easier when you have a packing and labeling plan 

Approach the packing process with caution. Start by picking the right box size. You don’t want huge boxes which will be either too heavy or almost empty. Filling boxes to the top does sound like a good idea, but in the long term, you can damage your possessions, or even lose them. Try using old blankets, cushions, or anything else really, that can provide substantial protection from cracking or breaking. Label the boxes based on the position of the items in your home. In this way, you will easily unpack them once you move.

women packing
Choosing the right box size – one of the most important downsizing tips for seniors in Colorado

Choosing the right moving company is essential

Moving as a senior in Colorado can be difficult and you should choose the moving company wisely. In case you are moving your business as well you should look into some residential movers Denver options first. When choosing the right company always ask yourself: Do I get the value for the money that I am paying? Most professional moving companies will make your life a lot easier. We advise you to carefully look for the one which suits you the most.

A famous businessman and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said: Your life doesn’t get better by chance – it gets better by change. The older you get the more difficult the moving process is – we are all aware of that. That is why we have prepared these downsizing tips for seniors in Colorado. After you have read it we hope that you are less frightened and more eager to start your new life. Keep in mind that it’s normal to be afraid of change. Just stick to these tips and make sure that you choose reliable moving services CO and we are sure that you will soon be in your new home in Colorado starting another journey in your life.

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