Enjoy these 5 Denver area winter hikes after you move

After your relocation to Denver during winter, you will definitely need a break. The best way to take a break is to go on vacation somewhere nearby. There are many places you can visit in the Denver area. This means you don’t need to go far and spend a great amount of money. Since you’ve just moved to Denver, you want to save up and still have a good time. The only downside to this is that you’ll have a hard time deciding which place to go to first. If you like hiking in the cold, we know you’ll enjoy these 5 Denver area winter hikes after you move. After relocating with Denver area movers, you will be ready to go on vacation and relax.

5 Denver Area Winter Hikes You Try

If you are a fan of winter, nature, and hiking, Denver is the best place for you. There are many winter hiking trails in Denver area, both for beginners and for experienced hikers. We have chosen these 5 locations for you. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one to visit, to prepare, and to set off. We sorted these hikes from the easy ones to the more difficult ones. Depending on your hiking experience and skills, you can choose the best hike for you.

Denver area winter hikes mountain
You will definitely enjoy these 5 Denver area winter hikes!

Elk Meadow Park

This hike is an easy one. It’s only 35 minutes away from Denver. It’s a good choice if you are hiking with children. The hike goes through a pine forest, where you can see elk wandering around. The scenery is beautiful, especially during the winter months. There is also a small and quiet town called Evergreen where you can have a snack or cup of coffee. Nearby, you’ll find Evergreen lake where you can go ice skating. You will definitely enjoy this winter hike with your family. 

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

This is another easy winter hike. The trail is mostly sunny, so it can dry out quickly. If you enjoy photography, make sure to bring your camera on this hike. The wildlife here is rich and the scenery is amazing, which makes this Denver area winter hike an excellent choice. If you get lucky, you may see herds of bison or even eagles. It’s mostly flat terrain, and you can choose several different routes. There is also a visitor center nearby. From there, you can begin your hike to the Lake Mary Loops Trail. If you want to take the longer route, then you can also check out Lake Ladora for a few extra miles. 

Denver area winter hikes lake
You will find many lakes during your hikes and trips.

Castlewood Canyon State Park Trails

This Denver area winter hike is especially nice to visit during the snowy days. Although it’s a Colorado State Park, it’s not visited very often, so it’s pretty quiet. It’s a hike that’s located 50 minutes away from Denver, near Parker and Castle Rock, in the plains. This hike is easy for some and harder for others, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of this winter hike, as well as its waterfalls, Cherry Creek, and other beautiful sights. This trail is off the beaten path, but it will definitely pay off when you get there. 

Indian Peaks Wilderness’ Lost Lake

Another Denver area winter hike that is suitable for beginners and experienced hikers at the same time. In case of snowfall, be prepared for some snowshoe action in the high country. This winter hike leads you to the Lost Lake. While making your way to the frozen alpine lake, follow the South Fork Middle Boulder Creek. The sights of the beautiful waterfalls and Indian Peaks on a clear day will leave you speechless. There is a path around the lake you can take for some extra miles. The best thing is that all this beauty is only an hour and 15 minutes away from Denver!

Boulder’s Green Mountain

The last and the most difficult Denver area winter hike on this list is Boulder’s Green Mountain hike. Make sure to bring crampons and hiking gear on this trail, because snow and ice might make it difficult. You can buy all sorts of quality hiking equipment at the Wilderness Exchange stores, in Denver CO. If you plan to descend into Gregory Canyon, be very careful because it’s very steep. Despite the difficulties, this hike is a rewarding one because of the views you’ll encounter. You will get to see Bear Peak and Longs Peak, as well as the Continental Divide. The view is simply breathtaking.

Denver area winter hikes gear
Gear up before you go on a Denver area winter hike.

Safety tips to follow during your hikes

Hiking requires certain preparations and lots of precaution. Although you may expect to have fun and to relax yourself after Denver small movers helped you relocate, you must be well-prepared for hiking. Here is the list of the things you need to know before you go on a winter hike in the Denver area. 

  • Make sure you check the weather forecast. You don’t want to be surprised by a storm or blizzard. Depending on the weather, you will be able to plan your hike better and dress up properly.

  • Snowshoes and crampons are a must-have, especially for winter hikes. You should have some additional clothes in your backpack.

  • Bring a spare battery for your phone and GPS device.
  • Let someone know where you are in case something unexpected happens.
  • Supply yourself with enough food and water for your winter hike.
  • Check the road conditions and update your maps.
  • Have a spare tire and enough gas in your car.
  • Look for other people’s experiences and advice.

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Make memorable Denver area winter hikes

Relocation is a stressful change in everyone’s life. You deserve to go on vacation after moving, to relax and to enjoy yourself. The Denver area is a good choice, because of its numerous sights. Homegrown Moving and Storage hopes that you will enjoy these 5 Denver area winter hikes after moving. After all, moving doesn’t have to be stressful with our moving services Denver! Get a free moving quote and relocate with us today!

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