Enjoy your time in Parker after the move

Have you just moved to Parker, and you’re looking for ways to have fun and relax? After some of the full service moving companies Denver has helped you start your life on the right foot and unloaded the truck, the next step to becoming the resident of Parker is exploring it! There’s nothing like being encountered with the new city that is about to become your home. Parker is a unique blend of urban facilities and amazing mountain views. Are you ready to get to know your new place of residence better and spend quality time in Parker after the move? If so, keep on reading!

Parker is elevated 600 feet above the Denver, which makes it a place with a unique, rare view!

Parker has a lot to offer

When you move to Parker, you don’t have to worry about it being a bad decision. The city was named to be amongst best ones to live in during 2020  by Money magazine. That’s because it truly has a lot to offer!

How to enjoy your  time in Parker after the move:

  • Visit some of the numerous local parks 
  • Enjoy the views
  • Visit the recreational centers 
  • Give chance to some of the local events

Spend quality time in Parker after the move

First of all, Parker’s placed at the elevation of 5800 feet. This makes it a lot higher than Denver and its surroundings. You can take a daily walk through the neighborhoods and find some nice spots to enjoy the good view. If Movers Parker CO have just dropped you off at your new home, this is the perfect way to relax and rewind. Get out and enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains that can be seen from Parker, from both the east and the west. 

Visit local parks

Parker offers a lot of parks – the list of the parks is very long! The parks spread over 250 acres of land.  And not only is it home to numerous parks, but also to many acres of open space. Parker is a great choice for someone who loves freedom, a nice view, parks, and nature. Take a walk through the different parks every day!

spend time in Parker after the move by visting local parks
Spend time in Parker after the move by visiting numerous local parks!

Some of the parks that you can visit:

And many, many more!

Spend time in Parker after the move at culture, art, and fitness facilities

Parker is great for sports enthusiasts, as well as people who love to have a rich social life. Even though Parker is a small city, you will get to know a lot of new amazing people. The small community vibe doesn’t stop the Parker from being fun at all!

Local places and facilities:

  • Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center
  • Life Time Fitness
  • Vehicle Vault Museum
  • Parker Fieldhouse
  • Downhill Brewery

If you still haven’t moved to the Parker, but you’re looking for someone reliable to help you move – don’t hesitate to get in contact with Homegrown Moving and Storage Company. Give us a call and see for yourself why we are the right company to handle your move to Parker. Book a move of your dreams today!

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