Extra fees to expect when moving your business in January

What are the factors that affect the price of relocation and what does the price of corporate moving depend on? Trust us, we are the experts on this subject! Our office movers Denver can tell you all about moving prices as we offer professional commercial moving services to our customers. Today, we are here to explain any extra fees to expect when moving your business in January.

Are there any extra fees to expect when moving your business in January?

Well, basically the answer is – no. As one of the best movers in Denver we are here to tell you there is no difference in our prices when you are moving your business in January or any other month of the year. However, there are some additional fees to keep in mind. And our article is here to explain what you can expect.

a couple moving your business in January
Today, we are here to explain any extra fees to expect when moving your business in January.

The cost of moving in January may depend on a number of factors:

  • Are you moving at the last-minute? Your cost may be higher if you need to relocate your office at the last moment.
  • Distances of the location you are moving to. If you are moving long-distance the price is higher than the local move. The farther the location of the new office is from the existing one, the moving price may increase.
  • A number of floors. As a rule, the higher the floor, the greater the complication during the move, so the price of moving increases accordingly. If there is no elevator, the price may be even higher.
  • Means of transport. You can choose a truck, van or pickup and the price of transport depends on the type of means of transport, and thus the price of moving.
  • The capacity of things. Depending on whether you move a few pieces of furniture or an entire office building, the price can be different;
  • Types of things that are transported. If you have sensitive items, which require special careful handling or hiring a special expert, it can additionally burden the cost of the move;
  • Additional services. If, in addition to moving, you hire us for activities such as packing your things, protection with foils or special loading, unloading, installation, etc., the total price of moving increases with the number of services we offer.

Based on your needs and requirements when moving, we perform a free moving assessment and provide you with a calculation of potential costs that may arise during the move. We think it is fair to know in advance your moving budget so that there are no hidden costs.

There are other things that can further increase when you move your office in January

Not having a detailed relocation plan

If you don’t have a moving plan, you should better make one asap. And we don’t mean a plan on how you’re decorating your office once you move. There is a whole list of tips that can contribute to the maximum facilitation and simplification of the entire relocation process. The detailed plan includes the date of the move as well as the whole list of things you are moving. With this, there are to-do lists on what to do before and after your corporate relocation.

a couple packing
Depending on whether you move a few pieces of furniture or an entire office building, the price can be different.

The beginning of the move requires a detailed list of items as well as the transfer schedule in order to minimize additional costs and move the entire interior to the new space as quickly and efficiently as possible. The next serious items when it comes to fees are the elevators in the buildings. With that, it’s their carrying capacity, the width of the corridor, the proximity of the parking space, as well as the appropriate day of the move. All this has a great impact on the course of the move and the entire relocation. Not thinking in advance may cause additional fees.

Moving bulky items or heavy machinery

If you have bulky items or heavy machinery in your office building this may impact the price too… Especially during the colder period in January. This may happen if your equipment needs a special climate-controlled storage unit or other kinds of special handling.

Unpacking things

This is the one thing on the list that should not be taken for granted. Unpacking may take a lot of time and this may impact your work. Also, your new office may not be heated up yet so you may have to spend more money on electric bills. Still, if you mark each box and list the things in them, it will make the whole procedure easier and save you additional trouble and annoyance.

a couple packing
Unpacking may take a lot of time and this may impact your work.

Price of international relocation

For international relocation, you may need additional documentation of moving items and trucks, which is regulated by international regulations. Hiring a freight forwarder helps you with the complete customs documentation. Still, with the pandemic going on, you may need additional documents. Unlike local relocation, it is necessary to mark and list in detail all things from the largest furniture to the smallest details. If there are books, paintings, or other valuables among the items, you need to obtain the appropriate approval from the competent authorities that deal with the review and assessment.

As you see, there are no additional fees when moving your office in January than any other month. Colder weather may a bit delay in the transport, but that’s basically it. With this, you can always consult us and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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