Family places in Lakewood, Colorado to enjoy after moving

You have decided on moving to Lakewood and there are many things to cover before you can flip the switch, lock the door, and hit the road. You must organize packing, cover legalities, find the best movers in Denver, and sort out your budget. But this does not stop you to find a few hours to research more about Lakewood and find family places in Lakewood, Colorado to enjoy after you settle in. So, let us help you by providing a few so you won’t have to do it. This way you will be covered for a while and focus on unpacking. Let’s take a look.

Explore all the amazing nature of Lakewood CO

Colorado has amazing nature. But Lakewood is something special. Just look at the name of the place and it will tell you all. In Lakewood, you will never get enough of lakes, woods, mountains, creeks, hills, parks, green areas in general, playgrounds, and more. So, if those are not family places in Lakewood, CO where you can spend your time with children, then none are. Here is a list of just a few you should check out while in the area:

  • Kendrick Lake Park.
  • Crown Hill Park.
  • Bear Creek Lake Park.
  • William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park
  • Colorado Mills.
lakes and mountains are family places in Lakewood, Colorado you should visit
Colorado has amazing nature. You must explore the mountains, lakes, and parks it holds.

These were just a few but if you start exploring, we are sure you will find more places that are simply amazing. You can also ask your movers Lakewood CO if they can recommend a nice place to visit with your family. They know the area so they should be able to share secrets with you. Moreover, make sure to bring clothing for both warm and cold weather. Weather can be quite sneaky while spending time near lakes or at the bottom of the mountain.

Belmar is surely one of the family places in Lakewood, Colorado

Shopping is appealing wherever you go. And Lakewood has a fair share of it. But one place stands above all others. It is Belmar Lakewood located in the downtown area. It is based around the central plaza where you can find live gigs, eat at the finest restaurants, rent rooms, and of course, go shopping like crazy.

So, bring the entire family and spend a whole day having a ton of fun together. This is surely one of the best family places in the Lakewood area. And if you are just visiting, you will fall in love with the place shortly. Give your apartment movers Denver a call and check how fast you can become a resident.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and other family places in Lakewood, Colorado

When you move to a new neighborhood you always want to check the local food. As for the street food, there is nothing different from the rest of the US. A bunch of hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, etc. But the restaurants and diners are quite amazing. You will be amazed at how many choices are laid before you. So, we recommend you to begin with the Cafe Jordano, then move to the Taste of Denmark, and finish with the Teller’s Taproom. Eat like a boss, have a desert, and finish it off with a nice kraft beer. Although, you can eat at all three places which opens up more choices for other family members. Also, check out 240 Union, Sassafras American Eatery, Tocabe, and Old Chicago. That should be enough to keep you busy at least for a month.

a colorful restaurant
Some of the finest restaurants can be found in Lakewood. Start exploring today!

Putting edge!

Take your kids to a mini-golf paradise at the famous Putting Edge in Lakewood. What is amazing about this place is the fact that these are no ordinary 18 holes you play at. The stage you play is affected by scents, colors, sounds, and more. You must see it to believe it. And after your children conquer the game, there are arcades with the old as well as new games. A perfect place to bring your kids for a day.

Those were the family places in Lakewood, Colorado you should visit after you relocate. We are sure you will find many more once you begin exploring. We hope you like it as much as we do. And if you haven’t decided on relocating yet, we are sure you will after you visit at least one place from our list. Just make sure to choose the right moving services Denver to ensure a pleasant moving experience. Good luck and stay safe. Lakewood awaits!

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