From Campus to Colorado: Tips for Students Moving to Denver

Ah, the thrill of a new adventure! For students moving to Denver, embarking on this journey promises a blend of academic enrichment and the mesmerizing allure of the Rockies. Denver, often called the “Mile-High City,” is not just a geographical marvel but also a cultural hotspot, making it an irresistible destination for many. And what’s even better? The transition is made smoother with the plethora of reputable moving companies in Denver area ready to assist. Ready to dive into what awaits you in Denver? Let’s unfold the magic together!

Adjusting to Denver’s Altitude and Climate

Ah, Denver’s renowned high-altitude charm! While its elevated stature provides breathtaking views and crisp mountain air, it might also offer some surprises to newcomers. Did you know the higher altitude can lead to shorter breaths or mild altitude sickness for some? Fear not; with a bit of preparation and awareness, acclimating to Denver’s unique climate becomes a walk in the park.

students moving to Denver and enjoying the view
It takes some time to adjust to Denver

Packing Right for Colorado’s Weather

The key? Layers! Denver’s weather can be a delightful medley of sunny days and cool evenings. Always have a jacket handy, and consider moisture-wicking clothing to stay comfortable. Remember, with the right gear, every weather becomes sweater weather!

Finding Your New Home in Denver

Denver’s housing landscape caters to a diverse set of needs, particularly for students. Here’s a breakdown:

  • On-Campus Housing: Nestled in downtown Denver, the Auraria Campus offers student accommodations in the heart of the action. Experience apartment-style living with facilities like full kitchens while enjoying amenities such as inclusive utilities. The main perk? Proximity to Denver’s attractions, from sports arenas to an array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment centers.
  • Off-Campus Apartments: Numerous apartment complexes in Denver cater to students. Popular student locales like Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, and Uptown offer a mix of furnished apartments and great connectivity.
  • Shared Housing/Roommates: A cost-effective choice, sharing facilitates splitting bills. Platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are handy for finding potential roommates.
  • University-Affiliated Housing: Some academic institutions in Denver partner with nearby apartments, granting students priority placements or special rates.
  • Homestays: Ideal for international students, homestays offer an immersive cultural dive and a family-like environment.
  • Short-Term and Other Rentals: Options range from short-term sublets to renting houses or townhouses for those wanting more tranquility.

Neighborhood Insights

Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, and Congress Park

Nestled a mere 1-3 miles from CU Denver, these residential neighborhoods exude youthful vibes. Dotted with cafes, parks, and music venues on Colfax Ave, it draws students and young professionals. Housing is diverse, from studios and apartments to houses, with two-bedroom units averaging $1,850. Efficient transport with buses like 6, 10, 12, 15, 15L, or simply bike. Rich food market access and versatile parking options further its allure.

Downtown Denver, LoDo & Central Business District

The heart of Denver, these zones are just a stone’s throw from campus, brimming with entertainment, eateries, and culture. Housing predominantly includes lofts and condos, with the average two-bedroom apartment fetching $2,500. Transit is a breeze, either by foot, bike, or buses like 1, 38, 52, and the 16th Street Mallride. However, food markets are sparse, and parking is usually reserved and paid.

students moving to Denver and looking for apartment
There are many great neighborhoods available for students moving to Denver

Golden Triangle

Central Denver’s cultural bastion, it envelops Civic Center Park and stands less than a mile from CU Denver. Housing leans towards lofts and apartments, with a two-bedroom average of $1,950. Easily accessible via foot, bike, or buses like 9, 10, 15, 52. A major food market is nearby, but parking is somewhat restricted.


Distinct from Highlands Ranch, this trendy neighborhood is 5 miles away from CU Denver. Streets lined with galleries, eateries, and shops provide a lively ambiance. Housing is versatile, with two-bedroom units averaging $2,200. Transport options include biking or buses 10, 28, 32, and 44. Several food markets are accessible, and parking is usually available, both reserved and on-street.

Five Points

A unique meld of industrial and residential spaces situated 1.5 miles from UCD. Modern cafes, galleries, and bars shape its character. Diverse housing choices include lofts and duplexes, with two-bedroom spaces at about $2,200. Commuting options are vast: buses 38, 44, 48, and the D Line light rail. Food markets are scarce, but parking is ample and varied.

Baker/South Broadway

A lively residential hub, it stands 2-3 miles from CU Denver, marked by the vibrant life on South Broadway Blvd. Housing mainly comprises houses and apartments, with two bedrooms at around $1,650. Transportation is facilitated by buses 0, 1, 9, 52 and the H and D Line light rails. Rich in food markets, parking is also abundant.

City Park/Uptown

Three miles northeast of CU Denver, this neighborhood thrives with eateries, the iconic City Park, and venues along Colfax Ave. Housing is varied, with a two-bedroom unit averaging $2,300. Commuting is made easy by biking or buses like 15, 15L, 20, 32. Food markets are plentiful, and parking is ample.

Denver park
City Park/Uptown is one of the favorite neighborhoods for students

Washington Park

Encircling the tranquil Washington Park, this area, 3.5 miles southeast of CU Denver, offers a peaceful, family-friendly environment. Near the South Pearl area, two-bedroom units average $1,750. Transportation includes buses 15, and 24, and light rails E, F, and H Line. With ample food markets and parking, it’s a prime location.

Cherry Creek

Four miles southeast of CU Denver, this posh area boasts an array of dining and shopping options. Housing is luxurious, with two bedrooms averaging $2,700. Transit is facilitated by buses 1, 6, 10, and 83L. It enjoys good market access and ample parking.

University of Denver (DU) area

-8 miles southeast of CU Denver, this student-centric zone offers affordable housing and casual hangouts. Two-bedroom units average $1,400, with various transport options including buses 1, 24, 83L, and F, H Line light rails. Both food markets and parking are plentiful.

Suburban Denver

Encompassing areas like Centennial and Thornton, these suburbs offer a quieter lifestyle at a distance from CU Denver. Housing is cheaper, with two bedrooms starting at $1,000. Commute options include cars, buses, and light rails. With rich market access and high safety, it’s perfect for families.

Securing Storage in Denver Area

For those needing storage in Denver area, the city offers a range of facilities. From climate-controlled units to large spaces for furniture, you’ll find what you need. Research online, read reviews and compare prices to find the best deal. Always visit in person before signing a contract to ensure the facility meets your requirements.

student storage
If you need storage, there are many available in Denver

Housing Costs for Students in Denver

Navigating student life in a bustling city like Denver requires a keen understanding of the housing market, especially considering its impact on budgets and lifestyles. With an ever-growing student population, Denver has a broad range of housing options tailored for those pursuing higher education. But what does it cost to rent a student apartment in this metropolis? The average monthly rent for a student apartment in Denver hovers around $1,650. However, this figure can vary widely based on the size and type of accommodation. Let’s break it down further:

Studio Apartments

Starting with studio apartments, the most compact and often a favorite choice for solo students or those aiming for a minimalist lifestyle, the average rent stands at $1,030. Yet, Denver’s eclectic housing scene ensures that prices can swing between $900 to as high as $1,950, depending on the location, amenities, and overall demand in a particular area.

One-Bedroom Apartments

For those looking for a bit more space or perhaps wanting a separate living area, a one-bedroom (1BR) apartment serves as a fitting choice. On average, renting a 1BR apartment will set students back by about $1,650 monthly. Nevertheless, there is a substantial range in prices, with some units available for as low as $1,120 and premium ones soaring up to $2,810. The variance can often be attributed to the proximity to the university, public transport links, or popular student hubs.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

Lastly, two-bedroom (2BR) apartments offer an opportunity for shared living, significantly cutting down individual costs. On average, a 2BR unit commands a rent of $1,910 monthly. Yet, depending on the neighborhood and the overall quality of the apartment, prices can fluctuate between $1,660 and an upscale $3,420. These units are particularly popular among students who prefer co-living, dividing rental and utility costs with a roommate.

student in apartment
The average monthly rent for a student apartment in Denver is around $1,650.

Maximizing Your Academic Experience

Embarking on a new educational journey is both thrilling and challenging, especially for students moving to Denver. This vibrant city offers an array of experiences, but for a student, nothing is more critical than having a grasp of the available academic resources and planning their course of study efficiently.

Navigating Your New Campus

Denver’s campuses are dynamic hubs of learning, innovation, and community. For students fresh to the city, it’s essential to understand and utilize the rich academic resources provided. Libraries equipped with vast collections and state-of-the-art research tools are a must-visit. These spaces not only offer an environment conducive to focused study but also house academic advisors ready to guide students in their curriculum choices and career paths. Workshops and seminars are frequently organized on a plethora of topics, from research methodologies to stress management. Students should stay updated with campus event calendars to benefit from these insightful sessions. Moreover, many campuses in Denver have dedicated writing and tutoring centers, ensuring that students receive the help they need in crafting essays or understanding complex concepts.

Digital resources should not be overlooked. The campus intranet, e-libraries, and academic forums are valuable platforms where students can access a myriad of information, collaborate with peers, and engage in intellectual discussions. Leveraging these platforms can be instrumental in enhancing one’s academic experience. However, academic planning goes beyond just knowing your resources. Setting clear academic goals, creating a study schedule, joining study groups, and regularly consulting with professors and academic advisors can pave the way for academic success. Lastly, for those students moving to Denver from far away, the task of shifting can seem daunting. In such cases, utilizing packing services in Denver CO can ease the transition, allowing students to focus on their academics right from the outset.

Denver’s Transportation Landscape

For those new to the city, especially students moving to Denver, understanding the transportation options can be crucial. Whether it’s commuting to university or exploring the city, Denver offers a mix of traditional and eco-friendly modes to ensure smooth mobility. If you’re in the process of relocating within the city, consider Denver small movers to facilitate a hassle-free shift.

Biking: Denver’s Eco-Friendly Option

Biking stands out as not just an environmentally friendly choice but also a healthy and efficient way to navigate the city. Denver’s expansive bike lanes and dedicated paths cater to cyclists, ensuring their safety and convenience. For students and residents moving shorter distances, opting for biking can be economical and time-saving. And if you’re shifting residences within the city, local movers Denver CO can handle your heavier belongings, leaving you free to pedal to your new abode without any baggage.

riding a bicycle
Bicycle is one of the most popular transportation options in Denver

Embracing Denver’s Vibrant Culture

For students moving to Denver, the city promises a rich blend of cultural and recreational delights. Museums, theaters, and galleries paint a diverse artistic canvas, offering a slice of Denver’s heritage and modern vibes. As you settle in, consider visiting the local art districts for an authentic cultural experience.

Outdoor Adventures Await

But Denver’s appeal doesn’t stop at its cultural heartbeat. Nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains, it offers unparalleled outdoor adventures. From hiking to skiing, nature lovers are in for a treat. If you’re relocating from afar, long distance moving companies CO can ensure a seamless transition, letting you dive into Denver’s myriad activities without delay.

Diving into Denver’s Culinary Delights

Relocating to Denver not only means immersing yourself in its cultural and recreational activities but also indulging in its eclectic food scene. The city’s culinary landscape mirrors its vibrant spirit, with an array of restaurants offering both traditional and contemporary dishes.

Savoring Colorado’s Unique Flavors

From hearty Rocky Mountain cuisine to innovative global fusions, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The local farm-to-table movement is strong here, ensuring fresh and flavorful meals. Whether it’s a green chili bowl, street tacos, or gourmet delights, diving deep into Denver’s gastronomic offerings is a must for those relocating to Denver.

Building Bridges in a New City

When relocating, especially to a bustling city like Denver, establishing connections and building a robust support network becomes paramount. More than just making friends, it’s about creating relationships that foster growth, provide emotional support, and open up opportunities.

Campus Opportunities for Networking

For students moving to Denver, the campus environment offers a myriad of opportunities to create lasting relationships. Clubs, study groups, workshops, and events can serve as a starting point. Moreover, attending networking events or seminars can introduce students to professionals and mentors in their chosen fields. Utilizing services like cross country movers Denver can ease the transition, but the true essence of settling in lies in building these bridges. Embracing both the academic and social facets of campus life can lead to a fulfilling and integrated experience in Denver.

Denver Awaits Eager Students Moving to the Mile High City

For students moving to Denver, the city promises a blend of academic rigor, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities. Beyond the classroom, Denver’s dynamic environment, rich history, and diverse food scene ensure an enriching experience. Embrace the adventure and potential that Denver offers.

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