Get to know Broomfield before moving day

Relocation entails many questions related to the new place of residence. And as exciting as it may seem to discover everything on the fly, it may be wiser to do some research before the move. Knowing some general information will surely ease your transition from one place to another. That’s why you should get to know Broomfield before moving, if only by reading about it. Though, the best way would be to visit the new place at least once before you decide to move. If that’s not possible, explore the city as soon as our Colorado movers complete your move. We’ll help you arm yourself with some basic info, but it’s up to you to experience the authentic charm of this small city.

Some basic info to help you get to know Broomfield before moving

In 1961, Broomfield was officially established as a city and later in 1990 as a county, as well. According to the latest census data from 2020, Broomfield had a population of 74,112. Since then the population has risen to 79,578 which makes it the 16th largest city in Colorado. In addition, it is the 12th most densely populated county in the state. This probably has something to do with it being only 13 miles from Denver and 19 from Aurora. Its residents would tell you it’s a wonderful place to live, with many amenities. We will present you with some of his best sides to help you get to know Broomfield before moving. And our movers in Broomfield CO will help you relocate your home or office locally or out of state.

young woman with hat posing in cornfield
Broomfield was named after the broom corn that was grown in the area.

Cost of living in Broomfield

Most people inquire first about the cost of living, which in Broomfield’s case is 20% higher than the national average. Colorado is known for its luxurious real estate, so Broomfield is no exception either. The median home value in Broomfield is $633,863, according to the latest data through January 2023. Compared to last year, an increase of 1.5% was noted. Prices are the highest in the Wilcox neighborhood and go up to $1,120,181. And one of the most affordable is the Outlook neighborhood with an average home value of $750,767. If real estate prices scared you, you’ll be glad to hear that the other costs are below or on par with the national average.

  • Utilities are 15% lower, so the single person will pay around $111 at the end of the month, and $169 for the family household.
  • Monthly costs for unlimited internet are approx $67.7
  • Groceries are 6% lower than the national average.
  • You will pay 4% more than the national average for bus rides and gas.

What also sheds a nicer light on the cost of living in Broomfield is the fact that the median income is $124,778 per household. As for the average salary in Broomfield, it hovers around $80,000. Remember, the average salary in America is $54,132, which means you’d be making quite a bit of money in Broomfield. So don’t waste time, and consult some good home movers Denver residents will recommend as they offer the best deals in Colorado.

Opportunities for outdoor activities

Once everything is clear about the cost of living, people also like to know about the outdoors. And how they would spend their leisure time if they moved to Broomfield. And the options are endless, whether you enjoy rafting, kayaking, fishing, or other water activities. Or you fancy more activities like hiking, long walks by the lake, or maybe sports courts and picnic spots. Whatever your cup of tea is, the chances are Broomfield will fulfill your expectations. Several trails for beginners as well as moderate ones are located near Broomfield. Perfect for novices is the 11.9-mile-long Big Dry Creek Trail which winds past the lake. While more experienced cyclists can try the Lake-Link Trail, which is more challenging due to the slight ascent. Another very popular spot among its residents is Broomfield Community Park due to its numerous amenities like playgrounds, trails, courts, open grass areas, shelters, etc.

get to know Broomfield before moving with all its parks and lakes
There are countless natural areas and parks around Broomfield.

You’ll likely spend your summers at one of the nearby water parks, such as The Bay Aquatic Park. And you can also learn to scuba dive at one of the best schools in Colorado, the famous Flatirons Scuba & Travel. If you also have a four-legged member of the family, you’ll be happy to hear that Broomfield is pet-friendly. There are many places where you can bring along your dog too, such as Broomfield Common Dog Park.

Educational system

There are several public school districts near Broomfield, and 13 schools are located on its territory. Except for these, there are also a dozen of private schools. There is only one college within the city limits, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. However, there are as many as 50 colleges not far from Broomfield, according to the US Department of Education. Some of the most popular universities in Colorado are only half an hour away, such as The University of Colorado Boulder and Metropolitan State University Denver. So you don’t have to worry about options for your children’s education in Broomfield, which are numerous. Rather contact some good interstate moving companies Denver has to offer as they are the finest professionals in the whole state of Colorado.

smiling student girl holding books
Get to know Broomfield before moving and inquire about its schools and colleges.

Places to go out and things to do in Broomfield

Although it is not a big city, Broomfield has no shortage of fun places. There are numerous restaurants and breweries downtown where you can eat well and try excellent crafted beers. During the day you can visit some of the museums or historical sites. One of the must-sees is Westminster Castle or as the locals call it Pillar of Fire. Another popular hangout for locals in Broomfield is Brunner Farmhouse. And the nightlife is not boring either, since there are enough spots with live performances, dance venues, karaoke bars, etc.

You will fall in love with Broomfield quickly

Broomfield will charm you very quickly if you give it a chance. However, try to get to know Broomfield before moving to avoid eventual disappointments. Prepare yourself on time for slightly higher priced housing, but with cheaper utilities and food, in the middle of all that scenic nature.


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