Getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork in Lakewood

Do you have artwork in your Lakewood home? You probably started by getting one piece and then realized the value that it added to your home. This is usually how people start collecting art. With time, piece by piece, you gathered a glorious collection of beautiful artwork pieces. But you didn’t think about moving when you started collecting them, right? The best thing you can do is hire some moving companies Denver CO and get it over with. But since the items are fragile, you can even go a step further. Getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork is the best thing you can do to protect it, so we will talk a little about it.

Moving art in Lakewood is complicated so look for expert advice

Lakewood has a bustling art scene with a huge number of art galleries. So, before you actually start preparing your move and look for reliable movers to help you, our suggestion is to visit some of the local galleries and look for expert advice on moving artwork in Lakewood. Every artwork is specific and requires a specific approach. So, in order to avoid damage, visit some of the local galleries and find people that can tell you how to handle your art pieces during a move. Here are the best art galleries in Lakewood CO that you can visit:

  • Valkarie Gallery – 445 S Saulsbury St Lakewood, CO 80226
  • Core New Art Space – 6501 W Colfax Ave Ste C Lakewood, CO 80214
  • 40 West Arts – 6501 W Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80214
  • Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis – 7130 West 16th Ave Lakewood, CO 80214
  • Hillside Gallery & Frame Shop – 9255 W Alameda Ave Lakewood, CO 80226
visiting art gallery
Visit a local art gallery for advice


What insurance coverages exist when moving?

Moving is a process where a lot of unexpected things can happen. No matter how much you take care, sometimes it is above you. But the well-being of your artwork cannot be left to chance when moving. Moving with some movers Lakewood CO is a good call, but you should think about getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork. The different types of insurances that exist are:

  • Basic carrier liability
  • Declared value protection
  • Full replacement liability
  • Fine art moving insurance cover

Basic carrier liability

This is the lowest coverage you can purchase and it is included in the standard moving fee of most packing services Denver CO. This insurance is required by the law when moving items. It is limited to $0.30 or $0.60 per pound of weight. When it comes to artwork, this is the worst type of insurance you could count on, since you would only get $6-$12 back for 20-pound items that could cost more than a few thousand dollars.

Declared value protection

The second best option you can choose is the declared value protection. As the name suggests, the customer declares a value for their items. There is also a $1.25 times multiply for the weight of your shipment. While this insurance is more expensive than the previous, you will also have to pay more for it.

Full replacement liability

Full replacement liability coverage is one of the best insurance covers that you can get. And that is something that only the best local movers CO can offer. The customer will receive full cash value for any items that get lost or damaged during transport. You will have to pay more, but it will be well worth it knowing that your items are safe.

Fine art moving insurance cover is another good option that you should consider

As the name suggests, this is an insurance option made especially for moving art. Art doesn’t have to be financially valuable, even the sentimental aspect is important to some people. No matter the material that your artwork is made of, precious metals or paper, you can insure it. Before you hire some moving service Denver CO you should think about this, since it is the best option. If you want to know more details about it, you will have to get a quote. If you want all your questions answered, it is best to contact your insurance company.

Picture of a blue painting
Getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork includes a lot of thinking

Explore all options before you decide

Before getting the right insurance coverage when moving artwork, explore all of the options that you have. While the last option is the best, it is also the most expensive. While saving cash during your move might be your goal. you shouldn’t try to cut corners when it comes to your artwork. It just isn’t worth the risk.

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