Green packing options

In recent years, environmental awareness and pollution have become considerably more important among the public. Our environment has never been more polluted than today and it’s high time we start changing our lifestyle. Every person and every decision count. So, when you start planning your relocation, keep this in mind. Think about hiring an eco-conscious moving company such as Homegrown Moving and Storage Company. Also, changing the way you pack your belongings can have a huge impact. Eco-friendly means not harmful to the environment; it is earth-friendly. We have a few green packing tips that will make your move more “eco-friendly”.

Organize your belongings before you start packing

Moving can be an overwhelming process and most people don’t know where to start. It involves packing items, labeling boxes, transporting them. But before you start thinking about packing services Denver it’s important to declutter and organize all your belongings. You must decide what things you want to bring to your new apartment. Get rid of the items you don’t need such as clothes you no longer wear, kids’ toys, old gadgets, furniture that won’t fit. The size of your move will determine its cost. Also, if you move a lot of stuff you will need a big moving truck and more back and forth trips. This means more fuel and more carbon emission during transport. As for the unwanted stuff, you can organize a yard sale and earn some money. You can also donate some things to charity, such as clothes, lightly used books, home appliances, toys, etc.

girl in a box
There are many green packing options available

Use green packing materials

Moving is not famous for being an eco-friendly process. However, there are things you can do to make a pretty big environmental impact. Instead of buying new moving boxes, re-use the old ones. Cardboard boxes can be used many times, as long as they are not damaged. If you don’t have enough boxes, ask your friends and neighbors to give you theirs. Also, visit local bookstores, shops, liquor stores and ask them for free cardboard boxes. It’s likely that they will have a lot of sturdy, durable boxes you can use. Don’t forget that these boxes are easily recyclable. So instead of just tossing them, you can do your part for the planet. Also, you can use plastic bins made from recycled plastic. This is a great option because they can be reused as many times as you want and your belongings are well-protected. Instead of traditional bubble wrap use the biodegradable type, made from vegetable oils and corn starch.

Use containers you already have

As you can see, there are many green packing options. But the key is to use containers you already have when you start packing. For example, suitcases are not only good for transporting clothes. You can put books and magazines in them, especially if you have rolling suitcases with wheels. Fill all your baskets, laundry bins, and trash cans with as many things as possible. Use vacuum seal bags for packing bulky clothes and beddings, pillows, etc. You can also use materials you already have in your home to protect your possessions. This will help you save money and it’s eco-friendly. Instead of bubble wrap and packing paper use your blankets, towels, bedsheets, and newspaper. They are a great alternative and have good protective qualities. Don’t forget to create a moving inventory list to be able to keep track of all your things.

Pack your stuff in containers you already have.
Pack your books and magazines in containers you already have and suitcases

Hire an eco-friendly moving company

Choosing a good moving company that can meet all your needs is the most important part of the moving process. So, why not hire movers who also care about the environment? There are companies that use bio-diesel and pack with eco-friendly packing materials. When you start looking for apartment movers CO ask them about measures they take to preserve the environment. If environmental awareness is that important for you, choose an eco-conscious moving company. Make sure to check whether a company has a license and offers insurance. Also, check its reviews on specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau. The moving industry is well-developed and there are many fraudulent companies you should be aware of. They usually offer a lower price to attract customers but have a lot of hidden costs.

Environmentally friendly cleaning options

Cleaning your home is an inevitable part of the moving process. There are a few alternatives to buying environment-damaging cleaning products. Baking soda is a great solution for cleaning kitchen worktops and ovens. A 50-50 vinegar-water mix is a natural cleaner you can use for tiles and windows, as well as cleaning mold and mildew in the bathroom. Olive oil and lemon juice can be used for cleaning wooden furniture. As you can see, there are many homemade cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly.

man under boxes
You need to clean after unpacking


Moving home is a tiring, stressful process most people dread. Also, it is a wasteful process considering the amount of stuff that ends up in a bin. However, it doesn’t have to be either. Good preparation can turn it into a pleasant experience, a celebration of a new chapter in your life. Also, it can be environmentally friendly if you put some thought and effort into it. People usually buy new cardboard boxes and throw them away once the relocation is over. They use a lot of packing paper and bubble wrap to protect their things and hire old and polluting trucks. It’s important to understand that this is not your only option. There are more and more moving companies that care about the environment just as much as you do. No more excuses – let’s use green packing materials!

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