Guide to downsizing your home before your Boulder move

Moving home is pricy, boring, and hard in general. As you already know, you should work on your moving logistics, pack, and find one of the moving companies in Denver area to help you out. But while cleaning and packing you must start downsizing your home before your Boulder move as well. And today we will show you why you should do it and more importantly, how to do it right. Let’s take a look.

Downsizing your home before your Boulder move – Where to begin?

You should always begin with a thorough home inspection. Start by checking all rooms inside your home followed by the attic, basement, backyard, and garage. While inspecting, note everything down onto the inventory list. Add this list to the moving checklist where you’ll put all the moving responsibilities, chores, and errands you must run before the moving day. Once you have this info, start searching for local movers CO to wrap everything up.

downsizing your home before your Boulder move by removing the old clothing you have
Check out your wardrobe, there must be something worth donating.

But before you contact your movers, you should start downsizing your home before your Boulder move. Set aside all those items you find and we will later explain what to do with those items. Meanwhile, you should start browsing for movers Boulder CO that can handle your moving request. Browse online, compare prices, services, and read reviews. Eventually, you’ll find a company worth working with. Just be sure they are legit and that they have all the tools necessary to undertake this task. And when you are ready, give them a call and let them help you organize even better and provide a moving quote.

You will make your relocation much cheaper

Yes, your moving company will offer a bunch of moving services CO and they do cost a bit. And if you cover downsizing your home before your Boulder move, you will have a much cheaper relocation. Just imagine, tossing out a few broken electronics, an old washing machine, and a bunch of clothes. That is enough already. As you know, movers charge by the size of the cargo and by the hour. By decluttering like a pro, you will reduce both.

Something might still be useful

Keep in mind that some of those items might be still useful to someone. More importantly, some are unique and old and might worth a lot. You just do not know it yet. Therefore, take it to the art dealer for an evaluation. Maybe you have something expensive inside your home and you did not even know.

A bunch of old stuff in front of a store
Take some of those items to the art dealer. You might get a pretty penny for certain items.

Downsizing your home before your Boulder move will give you more space in your new apartment

Another perk of downsizing is the space you’ll gain inside your new home. By throwing old stuff out you will open up your new space for other possibilities. You can either have a spacious apartment or have enough space to purchase new furniture.

How to get rid of all the junk you gathered?

Now, remember the moving checklist you assembled earlier. You will need it now to write down all the way you can get rid of your cutter. Check out the following solutions:

  • Donating to charities
  • Give away
  • Sell over the internet
  • Recycle
  • Organize garage/yard sale

Some people want to do some good and donate while others simply throw it all away. The choice is entirely on you.

Downsizing your home before your Boulder move is emotionally effective and your budget will feel it too. Just find one day in your moving schedule and make a pile of all those items you’ll give away. Place them in the garage for now and once you figure the way to rid of them, do it right. Good luck!

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