Guide to moving interstate for the first time

For a lot of people moving is a part of their life. People are looking for a better life and better opportunities, so they move from one place to another. Sometimes that means leaving family and friends and moving interstate. Moving interstate for the first time can be really difficult and people are wondering how are they going to adapt to new life and new environment. It’s not easy at the beginning, but it will get easier. The first thing you need to do is to make your moving easier. That means hiring movers with experience. You need movers who are going to do everything professionally. If you are moving to Colorado, moving companies Denver can make that happen. You can get all the necessary information about moving with them.

Moving budget

This is the first step when planning a move. You need to calculate how much money you are going to spend and how much you are willing to spend. Sometimes your wishes can overcome your budget and that can be a problem. When interstate moving is in question, movers are definitely going to be helpful. You can’t always predict everything, so you need to ask for help.

The general rule is: “The more stuff you have, the more you will pay”. Regulations require that all the stuff that movers have in their truck, must be weighted. In order to save money on moving, get rid of unnecessary stuff, or you can make a yard sale and earn some money on stuff that you don’t use anymore. Interstate moving companies Denver can tell you all about these regulations and what to know when you make a budget for relocating interstate for the first time.

Person holding money
Do your research and plan your budget for moving

Deciding where are you going to live

Before you plan on hiring movers you must decide where are you going to live. People move for various reasons, and this is a really big decision. People move usually because they want a better life for themselves and their families. So, do your research on the place you want to live in. What are the job opportunities there, traffic, apartments, taxes, regulations, schools, and universities? You need to take everything into consideration. You don’t move every day, so make your move a nice experience. Visit the place you want to live if you have time. Movers are always a smart idea, and if you have a lot of furniture to carry, furniture movers Denver will help you with that.

Checklist for moving interstate for the first time

You need to be aware of a few things when moving interstate. These things can help you adapt quickly after moving and make moving easier:

  • Inform others about moving – Moving is, unfortunately, going to make some people sad. Your family and friends are not going to be happy, and neither are you. Talk with them, tell them so that everybody can adapt.
  • Talk with your kids – Children are very sensitive when it comes to moving. They are used to their home and school. Prepare them early. It will be much easier for everybody
  • Packing supplies and packing plan – You must find packing supplies for your moving day. Make a packing plan. Moves are going to help you with this. They offer such a service.
  • Apartment or a house – If you are living in a house and now you moving to an apartment will take some adjustments. Some people like houses more, but can’t find the right one for their needs. Apartment movers Denver are there to help when moving.
  • Find a reliable mover – Always do your research when moving! You don’t want a rogue mover with you.

Transfer you utilities

This is very important when you want to move. Cable and internet, sewer and water, electricity, gas… Companies don’t know if you are going to another location, so you need to inform everybody about this. They can keep sending bills to your old location and this will cost you a lot. Inform them upfront about your transfer. Maybe they are going to install new systems in your new house or apartment. You want that done before you move in so you could continue enjoying your life. Imagine that you don’t have cable or internet in your new house because you forgot to transfer your utilities. If you are moving to Colorado, moving companies Greenwood Village CO will provide such a service and inform you about these things.

Employee from electric company making repairs
Transfer your utilities on time

School transfer records

You as a parent need to inform the school about moving. You need to take the letter of recommendation, medical records, and evidence of immunization. School records must be transferred soon as possible, so your kids can start in their new school soon as you get there. If you don’t do this on time, your kids are going to miss a lot of their material and the grades are not going to be good. It is possible that if they miss school for a longer period of time, they will need to go to the same grade again. Just inform the school on time and there are not going to be any problems.

Person informing their kids principal about moving interstate for the first time
Inform the school about your intentions

Moving day

Be careful which day you are going to use for moving. Weekends can be trouble. Some movers don’t work on Saturday and Sunday. And a lot of people are free that day because they don’t work. Choosing if you are going to do it in summer or winter is also important. Summer is a period of time when people use their vacation time. A lot of them want to use this free time for moving. That means that it is harder to find a reputable mover in the summer, and prices are usually higher.


Finding the right mover can be difficult, and you must search carefully. Moving interstate for the first time is also hard and it takes a lot of energy. Do your research before you start something. Make a budget, choose a place and search for professionals. Hiring movers is always a smart move and if you try it on your own, a lot of problems can occur.

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