Guide to packing china, heirlooms, and glassware for a move

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving down the street or across the state: packing for a move is very important. With some of the best professional movers Denver has to offer, this might not seem like such a big problem. However, even when you hire movers, you’ll have to pack some parts of your inventory on your own. Among these things are your delicate items made of glass, porcelain, and other fragile and breakable materials. To pack these things properly, you need a guide to packing china, heirlooms, and glassware for a move to or from Denver. At Home Grown Moving Company, we want to make sure that your items reach your new home in one piece. While our movers will take care of your items such as furniture, packing small items for moving is your task. We, however, want to give you some helpful packing tips and tricks first.

When packing china, heirlooms, and glassware for a move, packing materials are of utmost importance

Companies with the greatest packing services Denver CO has ever seen will always say how they use high-quality packing materials. When you pack for the move on your own, you want to try and get good packing materials. This means you’ll want to get things like boxes, wrapping paper, duct tape, packing peanuts, packing foam, et cetera.

packing glassware, heirlooms, and fine china for a move in a box
If you want to pack your delicate items safely, using good packing materials is important.

Of course, you can get brand-new packing materials to be on the safe side, but this can increase the moving costs significantly.  There are, however, other things you can do that can help you pack your glassware and fine china safely. Not only that, but by following these packing tips below, you can save up money on the move:

  • Get your materials second-hand. For example, you can get cardboard boxes from a local store, or ask people online for some.
  • Try to use what you already have. If you have many cloths and towels, you can easily use them to fill up boxes and protect your items from breaking and scratches.
  • Know that different items require different packing methods. You won’t pack a wine glass the same way you’ll pack a regular glass, nor will you pack it the same way as a plate. 
  • Learn the basics of packing delicate items. Don’t worry though, we’ll give will give you some pretty simple packing tips later on.

All in all, when you, for example, move with the long distance movers Colorado had to offer, your glassware, heirlooms, and fine china will be snug in their boxes. Everything will get to your new home without any damage: no scratches, no cracks, no breaking. But, of course, just getting good packing materials isn’t enough.

Every item has its own special packing method

When your hire the best apartment movers Denver has ever heard of, you want to make sure that the boxes they’ll carry out are completely safe. There will be glass and ceramics in those boxes, so you want to make sure everything stays in one piece. This means that even when a box is dropped or put down a little harshly, the contents inside should be safe. So, let’s see what you can do to ensure the safety of your fine china, glassware, and heirlooms. Here are some examples.

a plate, a vase, a jar, and a candle holder on a table
You must know the methods for packing china, heirlooms, and glassware for a move.

Layer the bottom of the box with your preferred material. It can be cloths, towels, paper, et cetera.

When packing glasses that have stems, such as wine, martini, or champagne glasses, you need to be really careful. The stems are prone to damage. Wrap these glasses the same way you’d wrap other ones, but make sure to wrap the stem first. When using a sheet of paper, use one half for the stem, and then start rolling the rest of the glass with the same sheet. These glasses should be packed piece by piece, and then packed last.

When you’re packing a box of delicates, there should be absolutely no empty spaces! Use any kind of packaging to fill every single hole in the box. Whatever you have on your hands, such as crumpled paper, towels, or event packing peanuts and Styrofoam, you can use it. It doesn’t matter if it is a vase, a bowl, or a glass. If it’s fragile, you don’t want it tumbling inside the box during transport. Cushion the top of the box, but do not overfill it. The layers on the bottom and top of the box should be similar.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so check if everything’s set

Now, you might be thinking that you’ve filled every single gap in the box. You probably think every single glass, vase and piece of décor is ready to go. However, you better make sure that everything’s in place because not even the best movers can protect your stuff and keep your things safe if you didn’t pack well. Before sealing the box using duct tape, you should slightly shake it. If you don’t hear a single sound inside other than some shuffling, chances are you did a good job.

One last and very important thing is to use to label the box using a pen and paper. Mark the box as fragile. Movers with moving services CO will come and load your items onto the truck, but they won’t know that some boxes need to be handled carefully unless you label them. 

movers handling boxes
Do these last steps before the relocation and you’re good to go.

Now that you read this guide to packing china, heirlooms, and glassware for a move, you are ready to go. Hire Home Grown Moving Company to come and move your furniture and boxes to your new home. Before moving day comes, make sure to read up on some other guides and tips to be completely prepared for this big upcoming day. We wish you the best of luck with your move, and, if you hire us, we’ll do our best to relocate your items safely!

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