Guide to the cheapest rental in Colorado

Finding a place with cheap rent is difficult nowadays with inflation and the costs of everything going up. Because we understand the problems and struggles you encounter, we are bringing a guide to you for finding the cheapest rental in Colorado. Read carefully and consider all the important factors. Areas with cheap rent in Colorado will often have a low cost of living, including utility fees. Which is a win-win situation for relocating on a budget. Get professional assistance from moving companies and start your new journey.

What should you consider when searching for the cheapest rental?

Some cities have lower average rent prices and some areas are known to be standing on a higher leg. Naturally, you will want to search for the first category. But what are some other factors to consider when hunting for low rent? All the things you need to think about are:

  • Research areas with the lowest rental prices
  • Know the best time to rent an apartment in Colorado
  • Search for middle-floor units
  • Consider getting a roommate
woman holding a key to the cheapest rental in Colorado
After reading this guide will know how to find the cheapest rental in Colorado!

Which cities have the least expensive rental in Colorado?

We are going to analyze cities with the lowest rental prices in Colorado. Another thing that could be taken into consideration is the cost of living in each area. Therefore, we are going to touch on that as well. Here is a list of areas with the cheapest rental in Colorado.

Aurora and Colorado Springs

The average monthly rent in Aurora is $1,300 and the cost of living is around $120 for an 85m2 apartment. There is not much difference in rent prices if you are choosing the city center or periphery, which is a good thing. Aurora is only 20 minute’s drive away from Denver. Professionals from moving companies Denver CO will ensure you have an easygoing moving experience in whichever area you choose. As it is closely located in Denver it is a great spot for staying in touch with the center of happening while paying low rent. Colorado Springs will charge you more than Aurora. The average monthly rent in the center of the city is $1,390 and outside of the center is $990, for a 1-bed apartment. Utility costs are a little higher as well, an average of $171.66 monthly.

Parker and Thornton

Parker’s standard monthly rent is $1,906. Depending on the neighborhood and the size of the flat, Parker rents for as little as $1,655 or as much as $2,574 per month. In Thornton, an apartment costs, on average, $1,851. You will find affordable moving services with Thornton CO movers, which are favorites amongst the new locals. Rent prices vary according to several variables, such as location, size, and quality.

Fort Collins and Longmont

These two areas have higher rent prices, however, the cost of living here is relatively low. Get in touch with Longmont movers, which newcomers love, and schedule your relocation dates on time. Fort Collins is one of the more affordable areas to live in, with an average rent of $2,300 per month and utilities of about $170. Longmont landlords hold rent prices for $1,800.00 on average for the metro area. Again, there is not much difference with a location in Longmont, outside of the center you will be paying $1,700.00 monthly for rent. The utility will cost you around $190 every month.

house for rent sign
Signing a lease in certain periods of the year will get you lower rent.

What is the best time to sign a lease with a landlord?

Often, timing can work in your favor. In Colorado, there are some periods of the year when rent is the cheapest. It is exactly when demand is low, which is between October and April. . A few factors are playing a role such as bad weather and the start of school. Especially soon after the Christmas season in December, fewer individuals are interested in moving. Consequently, renters often find the best deals between December and March.  However, it can be more challenging to find the exact kind of apartment you want due to low moving activity and the fact a lot of rentals are already rented.

Choose middle-floor units for a lower rent

Often, lower floor units are reserved for elders with less mobility or families with kids. Therefore, higher demand makes the rent go up. Get informed about the specific apartment complex you are interested in and you might find out that the middle-floor units are the cheapest. The top floors are known to be desirable for the views and possible exits to the terrace.

Consider getting a roommate

Living with a roommate will cut expenses automatically. You will be sharing the costs of utility bills are the overall cost of living to be much lower. Grocery shopping, house inventory, and repair will be less of a burden for your pocket when you are living with someone. Without experts from all around Colorado such as Arvada movers, you will get personified assistance during your relocation process. Before you sign a lease together with someone, talk about who is responsible for utilities and rent. A place you can find a roommate is the Internet. Websites such as Craiglist or Roomies are great for finding the other half to split the bills within Colorado.

Three girls who are roomates
Living with roommates is a great option for splitting the costs of living, but also a wonderful experience.

Guide to finding the cheapest rental in Colorado – bottom line

Finding a suitable place to live is a difficult task. It is even more challenging if you are on a budget. There are several things you can do to find the cheapest rental in Colorado and grab the best offers. We covered factors you should consider when searching for apartments. The most important is to find areas with the lowest rent on average in the state of Colorado. Other things that are playing a role in how much you are going to spend on rent are the floor number, the timing of signing a lease, and the number of people you are living with. If you are not a person to get along with strangers you can still find a good roommate and make some memorable experiences. Get started searching for your next perfect apartment.

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