Guidelines for downsizing your office space in Lakewood

The global pandemic has changed the way of work in many companies worldwide. More and more companies are in the process of downsizing their office space, either to reduce costs or accommodate a smaller workforce. Also due to Covid19 a lot of companies switched to a remote type of working. So, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to downsize their office space and save some money. If you need guidelines for downsizing your office space in Lakewood, continue reading.

Guidelines for downsizing your office space in Lakewood

Due to the pandemic, businesses are left in trouble. They stayed in expensive empty offices and floor spaces. In the beginning, the world was trying to adapt to the new reality and working from home instead of offices. But now, businesses can leverage this opportunity to use smarter their office spaces and save money as well. Besides saving money it can improve your company culture and grow your business. Here are some ways of downsizing the office:

  • moving to a hybrid office model
  • renting storage when downsizing your office space in Lakewood
  • use digital tools for saving paperwork but also to keep the company culture alive
  • consider hiring office movers Denver businesses recommend if you need to relocate your equipment
man sitting in the office
Due to the pandemic, many companies are switching to a remote working model.

Before you take action, think of your team and how they will feel about all these changes. Consult them about what they want, a full remote or hybrid way of working. In both cases, think of ways of communication and plan that well. New work models require refinement and adaptation at the same time. There are for sure a lot of digital tools for communication but that can replace working in person with colleagues and interacting with them on daily basis.

So, you can create channels where you can comment and post non-work topics. It will help maintain a company culture alive. Also, you should consider renting a meeting room, and an office in co-working spaces as well. Encourage your team members to gather there or to work from an office from time to time. 

In this entire process, you should also think of hiring help to remove or relocate equipment to another smaller office or to a storage unit. Do the research, ask for moving quotes Denver movers offer, and then choose the moving company that suits your needs.

Hybrid office model

The hybrid office model of working is one smart way of downsizing your office space. It combines elements of a traditional office and remote working. It is maybe the best way of both models, you can downsize your office space, actually cancel your offices from the landlords and take advantage of shared working spaces and coworking spaces. In this way, you give the possibility to your employees to come and work from an office when they want to or when it is necessary but you will also cut your expenses. 

This way of working keeps a business alive and its culture but also gives a lot of flexibility to the employees. You can use these shared spaces when you have an important meeting and need to work together on some important projects. Also, it allows employees to gather and work safely in small groups. In coworking spaces, you can have an office, a conference room when needed, and other shared spaces like a kitchen for example. You have everything there, the difference is you are paying it for as long as you need it and as much as you use it.

the office
You can rent a shared working office so your employees can work but also you will decrease your costs.

There are no wasted floor spaces anymore. So, in this way, you keep your business alive, and your employees productive, but you also reallocate your resources and budget. As everything changes and businesses are switching from a traditional to a remote working model, so the ways of keeping important documentation and communication between employees are too. There are a lot of online storage and other tools that you can use for storing important documents and sharing them with your co-workers.

Rent storage for downsizing your office space in Lakewood

If you have decided to profit from that ideal model of working, you need to figure out what to do with all your equipment and office inventory. There are so many things that you will still be needed for work, so you need to store these things somewhere safe but also accessible when you need them. Getting rid of all your office stuff is not realistic and is not gonna happen. So, the first logical solution is to rent a storage unit. 

You can store documentation, furniture, and all kinds of office equipment in storage units. It is a cost-effective solution, you just need to find the unit that suits your needs. Make sure you choose the unit of the right size and also a storage unit should be clean, safe, and climate-controlled. Check everything with the facility owner before you choose a unit. After that, you should go through all your office inventory and decide what to keep and store and what you can toss.

boxes and a man
Better let professionals help you relocate your office inventory.

Then all of that should be packed. You can skip this and search for the packing services Denver CO movers offer. Experienced movers will have the right packing equipment but also the necessary skills to pack and transport everything. 

Once everything is packed you need to transport your office inventory. For that, you will also be needing professional help. If you don’t want to damage some of your stuff, then leave it to professionals. Hire the best Lakewood movers and let them handle all the packing and relocation. They will handle it quickly and you will have no worries.

Find the best way of downsizing the office space

If you are thinking of downsizing your office space in Lakewood, these tips could be helpful. You should just find the best working model for your company, store safely your inventory, and hire suitable moving services CO to help you. Don’t forget to cultivate your company culture during all these changes. 

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