Hiring movers vs DIY move

Hiring movers vs DIY move?  This question arises every time relocation is happening. If you are thinking the same, know that there are many pros and cons for both options. The simplest answer is, when you are tight on budget, you will probably go with a DIY move. If you are tight on time, nerves, and you just do not have the strength to go through another move on your own, you will probably hire Homegrown Moving and Storage Company CO to help you out. Of course, this is a simplified answer. In real life, things will probably be more complex than that.

Hiring movers vs DIY move is a very complicated question that only you can answer

The answer to the eternal question of hiring movers vs DIY depends on many things. Besides, budget, time, your nerves, and strength depends on your personality, whether you have someone to help you, can disassemble your furniture and so on. To be able to decide whether to hire last minute movers Denver or move on your own, you should know the pros and cons of both options. So keep reading.

Woman with spread arms
Only you can answer that question

DIY move pros

Total control over your moving process

Total control over your moving process can be a wonderful thing. You are determining your own schedule. Deciding what moving truck to rent. You can pack whenever and however you want. This means that you will have the flexibility to choose when to load a truck. Which packing materials to use. How your items will be packed. Exactly how they will be loaded into a moving truck. You do not have to deal with searching for reliable movers. Also, do not forget that when you are searching for movers you have to deal with comparing different moving estimates.

Beneficial for your budget

Everyone knows that you have to pay if you want someone else to deal with your move. And hiring movers can be quite an expensive treat. Of course, there are times when you can hire Evergreen CO movers and still manage to go cheap. But if you are not careful with hiring reliable movers, choosing additional services, and do not watch out on the hidden fees that can quickly arise you can easily break your budget. If you are moving on your own, you will certainly go cheaper. But, do not hope that you will be moving for free.

DIY move cons:

Total control over your moving process

Total control over your moving process is also among the cons of DIY move. Some people just do not want to bother too much with planning, gathering packing supplies, packing supplies, packing, organizing transportation, dealing with unexpected issues and so on. Moving on your own is hard. Even though it is beneficial for your budget, you have to deal with many things. It can be hard physically and mentally. And can cause a lot of stress. Therefore control over total control over your moving process is both pro and con of DIY move. It really depends on your personality and how you like to do things.

Lifting heavy objects

When you are moving on your own, on many occasions you will have to deal with lifting heavy objects. First, you will probably want to disassemble your furniture and that cannot go without lifting it and turning it at least a few times during the process. You will need to get it out of your old house and get it into the new one. Also, load it into and out of the truck. If you are not a bodybuilder, you will have a difficult task.

Man carrying heavy box illustration
Hiring movers vs DIY move? DO not forget that there are heavy objects in your home.

Pros of hiring movers

You do not have to deal with planning and executing your move

Planning and executing a move can be demanding work. You need to think about all the aspects of the process, create a precise schedule, and finally execute it all. If on top of that you do not have someone to help you, this can be an almost impossible task. On the other hand, if you hire Arvada movers your only job will be to think about how to get to your new home. By plane or by bus. Of course, there are few more things to think about even if you are hiring a full moving service. However, the hardest and most complicated aspects of your move will be in your movers’ hands.

Beneficial for your body and mind

If you decided to hire a full moving service, make a small effort to locate really reliable and trustworthy moving company and you will not have to lift a finger until the end of your move. Only a though that you do not have to deal with tons of moving boxes, lifting heavy objects, driving a truck and unpacking can be very relaxing. Of course, because you actually do not do those things will be beneficial for your body as well. You better save your strength for arranging your furniture and decorating at your new home.

If a problem occurs, movers will handle it

What will you do if you start your DIY move and you realize that you cannot get that couch out of your apartment on your own? Or that you cannot get it up the stair at your new place. Maybe the truck breaks down along the way. All those things happen daily. When you hire movers, such issues are solved without interfering.

Fixing flat tire
Sometimes a problem occurs. If you hired movers, you will not sweat too much

Cons of hiring movers

Strangers are packing your belongings

When you decide to hire a full moving service, a moving crew will do the packing. That means that people who you do not know will go through your stuff, and touch every item while they do the packing. Even though this is a very helpful thing some people can feel a little strange about it. The best way is to hire movers and pack at least the things that you do not want others to touch, on your own.

Hiring movers can be expensive

Hiring movers can cost you a lot. If you hire packing and unpacking services. You want to give special protection to your arts and valuables. Maybe you have many heavy objects that they have to carry through lots of stairs. Or, your movers cannot park a truck close to your home. The cost of your move will be high.

Hiring movers vs DIY move? The answer is different for everyone

No one but you can answer to the question of hiring movers vs DIY move. Hopefully, you now know the benefits of both options and you can make the best decision for you.

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