Holiday events in Denver to enjoy for the first time

You are moving during the Holidays and you need a few ideas regarding Holiday events in Denver. You want to know how and where you can spend your holidays with your family as soon as you relocate to your new environment. After all the packing, organizing, and meddling with Denver professional movers, you need some time off. So let us help you cover this one and suggest a few ways on how to spend quality time in Denver during Holidays. Let’s go.

The ever famous Downtown Skate Rink is one of the most popular holiday events in Denver

Let us kick the list off with the most famous among the Holiday celebrations in Denver. It is the Downtown Skate Rink. First of all, it is a tradition among the people of Denver and if you ask locals, they will tell you they have the feeling that the rink was there forever. Rentals are around $10 on regular days while skating is free. Although, on Christmas Eve, everything is free. Hence, as soon as your local movers Denver drop you off, take a moment of rest, and then take your little ones out for a spin in the famous Denver skating rink.

skate rink is one of the best Holiday events in Denver
The ice rink is a tradition and it was always popular. You can’t miss this one.

Santa’s Flight Academy and Santa’s Village

Our next pick is simply amazing for children and big families. In Cherry Creek Shopping Center you’ll find Santa’s Flight Academy where your little ones can help Santa drive his sleigh. They will earn a badge in the process and of course, a bunch of presents. And at the Santa’s Village in Chatfield Botanic Gardens, you can take photos with Santa and the real alive reindeer. You can do some crafts with Mrs. Claus and enjoy the hayrides surrounded by amazing lights and winter picturesque. A must-visit Holiday event for sure. Therefore, include this into your moving route and relocation plans, consult with your cross country movers Denver, and figure out how much time you’ll have to unpack and settle in before the Holiday events.

Hudson Christmas is another among popular holiday attractions in Denver

Another among the extremely Holiday happenings in Denver is the Hudson Christmas. This is a gathering and a stroll around a huge garden lit with Christmas lights and spirit. There you’ll find a hugging snowman, dancing Christmas trees, a light tunnel, and all the Christmas tunes you know and love. You can sing and enjoy this time of the year with your family and take amazing photos to remember this event. Also, there is plenty of food and drinks for everybody. So, don’t be shy to invite all your friends and even your Denver small movers to this event. Someone might find time to attend and join in.

snowman with a red scarf
Be aware of the hugging snowman!

Camp Christmas

Located in Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park, it is a six-acre Holiday theme park. If you are a fan of Christmas and Holidays in general, you simply must visit this magical place. If not this year, then put it on your must-visit list and do it next year. This is what you’ll find here:

  • History of Holidays through ages
  • Historic ornament displays
  • Pun trees and funny themed rooms
  • Holiday-themed food trucks

There I so much more. It is a unique place for sure and you should read more about it. Maybe this will be your go-to place to spend Holidays from now on.

Ok, now you know a few more Holiday events in Denver you can attend. As soon as you relocate to Denver, you can start preparing. But it would be smart to choose one of the events before you relocate so you can prepare everything upfront. This way you’ll be ready as soon as you move in. Good luck and happy Holidays!

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