How to adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail

Moving is a shocking and tedious change for everyone. Whether you’re moving down the street, to a new town, or a new state, it will take a toll on you. You have to search for moving companies Denver has to offer, get estimates, compare prices, and check for moving services… Most importantly, after all of this, you will need time to adjust after the move. Home Grown Moving is here to give you tips on how to adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail and what to expect from your new home. Kick back, relax, make some coffee, and check out how to make life in your new home cozy and enjoyable.

men trying to adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail
These facts will help you learn about Vail.

The main differences between Highlands Ranch and Vail

Despite both of these places being in Colorado, they are vastly different from one another. To adjust to your new Vail home easier, you should know some elementary differences between your old and new home. There are many movers Vail CO can offer you that will help you with your relocation, so don’t worry about it.

  • Highlands Ranch is a suburb of Denver, CO, while Vail is more like a town in Colorado, particularly in Eagle County.
  • Highlands Ranch is much bigger than Vail: the area of Highlands Ranch is 62.92 km², and Vail is 12.22 km².
  • That being said, the population in Highlands Ranch in 2019 was 105,631, whereas in Vail, in the same year, it was 5,479. In other words, a smaller place means a smaller population.
  • Vail is at a higher elevation than Highlands Ranch, meaning that the temperatures in Vail might be on the low side. The elevation difference is around 711m.
  • Highlands Ranch’s population consists of mostly middle-aged people and older, whereas in Vail, most of the people are between ages 25-34, and over 65 years old. This might matter to you because of the people you will surround yourself with.
  • In case you have children, you won’t have as many schools to choose from in Vail as you would in Highlands Ranch.
  • The median household income in Highlands Ranch is a whopping $125,454, whereas in Vail it is $80,987. However, both of these sums are higher than the national average of $62,843.

There are some of the main differences you should know before and after you move to Vail.

Things to do that’ll help you adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail

Like they always say, moving is no easy endeavor. Thankfully, the long distance moving companies Denver has will make most of the process easy. It is, however, up to you to adjust and feel at home in your own new home. The best thing you can do first is to get to know the area. Go out for a walk, try and see where the nearest stores are. Figure out where some points of interest, like parks and cafes, are located. Find out which school is the closest to your home, in case you have a child that needs to start or transfer schools soon. Get to know the public transport schedule, what people do to pass the time, etc.  Sometimes, the best way to feel better after a move is to have fun and make new memories. Try it out, Vail might become your new favorite home.

woman exploring a city
To adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail, go look around town.

Colorado is known for its many hiking trails of various difficulties. Packing services Denver CO moving companies provide can help pack your hiking equipment because there are many, many trails you can hike on in Vail. On top of that, high elevations mean lots of space for skiing and snowboarding! You will have endless fun during the colder months in Vail. If you or your kids are animal lovers, perhaps visiting the Vail Stables will interest you. If you or your kids are lovers of science, the Walking Mountains Science Center will surely be a fun place to visit every now or then. Since we mentioned cafes earlier, Yeti’s Grind is a cozy and rustic little corner with both food and drinks and we warmly recommend going there to get your daily dose of coffee.

A few more things that’ll help you adjust

 Not an outdoors kind of person? Don’t worry! After you move with your movers Highlands Ranch CO had to offer you, you can do something to adjust in the comfort of your home. After having your items moved and unloaded, it is time to start unpacking. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make your home look as close and similar as possible to your old home in Highlands Ranch. Get out those photos and picture frames and put them all over the place. Design and arrange your home to be as cozy and familiar as possible, and make it look just like it did in Highlands Ranch. This is to make your safe space as safe as possible, so you will feel comfortable. To adjust to your new home, you need something familiar to lean on.

cozy home with lots of lanterns and pillows
Make your home as cozy and comfy as you can!

On top of that, don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends and family in Highlands Ranch. Do not isolate yourself after you move from Vail, as it can leave you feeling stressed and lonely. This is going to greatly hinder your and will make adjusting to life in the town of Vail much more difficult than normal. Give yourself time and make sure not to stress yourself out too much. After the move, you will have to take care of a lot of paperwork and documentation. But, if you plan your time well, you will be able to get everything done in time and will not feel under pressure to get everything done right away and all at once. Take it easy.

You will adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail just fine

Like with every change in life, you will need time to adjust. After you read Home Grown Moving’s article and move with our movers, you will already know how to adjust after moving from Highlands Ranch to Vail with ease. The key thing is to give yourself time and do not shy away from exploring. Think of this as a positive change, and keep on smiling!

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