How to calculate your moving expenses

Moving is a process that requires a lot of planning and organizing. It can be quite costly, so it’s important to calculate your moving expenses and determine your budget. Factor in all possible costs so that you are not unpleasantly surprised. We will help your set your moving budget, plan your activities, and have a happy and successful relocation.

Factors that affect your moving cost

Moving involves many activities, from cleaning and packing to transporting and unloading. You must take all of these factors into consideration to get you an accurate cost estimate. Your moving expenses depend on:

  • The size of your move
  • Moving company
  • Packing services
  • Relocation distance
  • Storage

The size of your move will affect its cost

As you probably already know, the size of your move is the main factor that affects the cost of your relocation. The more items you have, the more space they will occupy, and the heavier the shipment will be. This means that you will need a larger moving truck, more fuel for transportation, more movers to load and unload the truck. Also, you will need more packing materials and spend more money on moving supplies. If you decide to hire a moving company to handle your relocation, make sure to request moving quotes Denver. A reliable and professional moving company will be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate so that you can plan your move.

Determine your budget when you start planning your move.
Take all factors into consideration in order to calculate your moving expenses

A moving company will be able to calculate your moving expenses

Hiring a moving company to handle your relocation might add to your moving cost, but it will greatly facilitate your relocation. When you start looking for movers, make sure to check whether they are licensed and offer insurance. Homegrown Moving and Storage Company Colorado will safely transport all your possessions and accelerate the moving process. Check specialized moving websites and find companies’ ratings, overall marks, general information about them, and previously submitted comments. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of service movers offer. Once you find companies that meet all your demands, compare the prices, and find the most affordable one.

Packing services

Many moving companies offer full service, which includes both packing services and transporting your belongings. If you want to save some money, you can pack on your own. However, make sure to gather all the necessary moving supplies and protect your items properly. Some of the packing supplies you will need are moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, scissors, tape, furniture blankets, etc. Before you start packing, you have to decide which items you want to transport. Once again, the number and weight of the boxes will help you calculate your moving expenses. Don’t bring furniture that won’t fit into your new home, old clothes you no longer wear, old kids’ toys, magazines, etc. Once you decide which things you want to keep, protect every item before boxing it.

Gather moving supplies in advance.
Use second-hand but durable cardboard boxes to pack your belongings

It’s not necessary to buy new supplies – you can use old ones or rent them. There are plenty of cardboard boxes in local book stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc. Instead of wrapping your belongings in bubble wrap, you can use clothes or old newspapers. The same goes for furniture blankets – use your bed sheets and towels instead. Be creative and you will save a lot of money on packing supplies. However, the safety of your belongings comes first. If you don’t protect them properly, you will end up spending more money to replace things that got damaged during transport.

Relocation distance

It’s only logical that the relocation distance affects your moving cost. The greater the distance between your current home and your new home, the higher the transportation costs will be. It will take more time to get to the delivery location and more fuel to transport your items. Also, you have to take into consideration all other possible fees such as road tolls, parking fees, etc. You can use an online cost calculator and prepare yourself financially for the move.

Check the cost of storage rent in order to calculate your moving expenses

Storage units can be very useful during relocation, but they add cost to your move. Make sure to research local storage facilities and compare their prices before you rent a storage unit. The most important factor to consider is the size of the storage facility. Don’t rent a facility that is too bad because you will spend a lot of money and have a lot of wasted space. The size of a moving truck can help you determine the right size storage unit. For example, a 25-foot moving truck is the equivalent of a 10’x20′ storage unit. A 20-foot truck equals a 10’x15′ unit and a 15-foot truck is the equivalent of a 10’x10′ storage unit. The height of the ceiling in a typical storage unit is 8 feet. Also, you can ask your movers to help you determine the size of storage. The safety of your belongings is the number one priority, so pick a facility that has gates, cameras, and security guards.

Renting a storage unit can be quite helpful
Find a local storage unit that is affordable and fits your budget


Relocations can be quite expensive, but your choices and decisions can influence the price greatly. So, make sure to do your research and make informed decisions. We have listed the most important factors that will affect your moving cost. If you are aware of them, you will be able to calculate your moving expenses. However, there are other things to consider. For example, any special services are charged extra – these include tasks that make the moving process slower, riskier, and more difficult. The time of your move will influence the price because it’s cheaper to move off-season. Additional moving insurance is charged extra, as well as packing and unpacking services. Take all these factors into consideration when calculating your moving budget.

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